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How to Overcome Fear You’ll Never Conceive a Baby

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Are you afraid you’ll never conceive your own child? (image by Torsten Mangner, via Flickr)

If you’ve been trying to conceive a baby for months or years, of course you fear it’ll never happen! Here’s how to overcome fear of infertility.

These tips are inspired by Lisa Bloom, who is a mother.

This is what she writes in Think: Straight Talk for Women to Stay Smart in a Dumbed-Down World:

“One of the best things about men is their confidence, their rightness, their ability to go with their gut and produce,” says Rochelle Schieck, founder of Qoya. “I rarely overhear men in cafes talking about how differently they could have or should have done something.”

Have you lost confidence in yourself, in your ability to conceive a baby?

Schieck also says: “One of the most paralyzing things for a woman is her doubt. Do I have the right job? Did I pick the right partner? Are these the right shoes? Did I pick the right place to go on vacation? Doubt is like an anchor that keeps women rooted in murky waters of disapproval.”

If you doubt you’ll ever get pregnant, then you’ll always live in fear of not conceiving your baby. If you’re beginning to doubt your ability to conceive, read I’m Scared I’ll Never Get Pregnant – Coping With Fertility Fears.

And here are a few tips on overcoming fear of infertility…

Take a deep breath, and a step back

What have you tried, in terms of getting pregnant? There are so many options: seeing your gynecologist, getting a sperm test, getting a pap smear, checking for endometriosis, charting your periods, charting your ovulation, having sex when you’re ovulating, etc.

Before you let yourself get swept away in the fear you’ll never conceive, set your emotions aside for a moment. Think outside the “getting pregnant box” for a few minute – read articles you haven’t read yet, such as 5 Foods to Improve Your Sperm Count and Health.

Stay connected to your Source

What’s your source of energy, peace, light, hope, love, and self-compassion? I love Jesus. Praying is how I stop being paralyzed by doubt and fear of infertility. Spend time every day connecting to whatever it is that gives you strength and confidence, peace and acceptance.

You don’t need to have confidence in yourself – you need only have confidence in something Greater than you. Let yourself doubt yourself, but take it to your Creator. Let your fears and self-doubts be washed away; renew your mind and soul with hope, love, faith, and the confidence that things will work out exactly the way they’re meant to.

This article on prayer may help you overcome fear that you’ll never conceive: Praying for a Baby? 4 Steps to Pregnancy Prayer for Couples.

Overcome pregnancy fear by creating a schedule – and sticking to it

The key is to find the balance between creating a plan that will move you towards your goal of conceiving a baby, and being open to changing your goals/plan/schedule if the situation (or your Source) warrants it.

A schedule or plan will take you past paralysis and doubt, and into action and goals. You might create a five-year schedule for having kids, or a monthly schedule that tracks your ovulation and periods.

Ovulation predictor kits are the best way to stick to a sex-to-conceive schedule! Read How Ovulation Predictor Kits Work – Predict When You’re Ovulating.

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What do you think about overcoming fear you’ll never conceive a baby?

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