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Heal Your Cycle by Balancing Your Hormones – eBook

how to get a regular cycle she blossoms ebookAre you tired of suffering from irregular or painful periods? I know how you feel! I wrote this ebook because I struggled with an unpredictable menstrual cycle for four years. My periods were messy and inconvenient – and I felt bloated and uncomfortable almost all the time.


Coping with irregular periods was worse after I got married. Not just because of the “ick” factor, but because we were trying to conceive a baby. It didn’t take me long to learn that getting pregnant requires a regular menstrual cycle!


Since I couldn’t find reliable health information online about how to balance my hormones, I spent hours (weeks, actually) researching and learning the best ways to regulate my periods. I finally found the safest and most reliable solutions, and I organized it all in this easy-to-read guidebook.


You can get this ebook right now, and start dealing with your period problems today.


Healing Your Cycle:

Your Guide to the Safest Solutions for Irregular, Spotty, or Missing Menstrual Cycles 

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$7  Only $2.99 US 


This ebook is a 70 page pdf file that can be read on all devices. When you buy it, it’ll be immediately emailed to you.

The money-back guarantee: if you aren’t happy with the ebook, I will refund your money.

When you order your copy, you’ll get my personal email address. You can contact me directly with questions or concerns.



Table of Contents


Part 1: What You Need to Know About Your Period

  • 15 Frequently Asked Questions – and Answers!
  • 15 Most Common Causes of Period Problems – and Quick Fixes.

Part 2: Simple Solutions for Irregular Menstrual Cycles

  • 14 Best Tips From Holistic Health Practitioners and Doctors
  • 10 Healthiest Ways to Balance Your Hormones.

Part 3: Superfoods and Herbs That Will Regulate Your Periods

  • 30 Superfoods to Boost Your Immunity, Mood, and Energy
  • 13 Herbs and Herbal Remedies to Improve Menstrual Health




Healing Your Cycle:

Your Guide to the Safest Solutions for Irregular, Spotty, or Missing Menstrual Cycles 

Buy Now.

$7  Only $2.99 US


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  1. plz suggest me coz i have irregular cycle i am tryng to concieve i have not money to buy ur book wil u plz help