How to Get Pregnant When You Have Irregular Periods

Getting pregnant when you have irregular periods is a bit more challenging than if you were regular – but it’s still possible! It depends on why your periods are irregular.

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The following tips range from step one (start tracking your menstrual cycle) to step five (foods that help regulate periods). “Finding sources of balanced protein can be a challenge for busy women, but it is a must for hormonal balance,” writes Dr Rebecca Booth in The Venus Week. The more balanced your hormones are, the more regular your menstrual cycle will be.

Dr Booth says plant proteins are especially good for enhancing fertility and hormonal balance: almonds, walnuts, peanuts, cheese, hard boiled eggs, soy chips, hummus, canned sardines, and edamame. She offers more tips on irregular periods below — such as eating dark chocolate.

How to Get Pregnant When You Have Irregular Periods

A regular period helps you get pregnant because it alerts you as to when the egg is coming down the chute. If you don’t know where your egg is, you may not know when to send sperm up to greet it! So, if you can regulate your periods, you increase your chances of getting pregnant.

Write down everything you can remember about your periods

Are your periods painful? Clumpy? Light? Thin? Heavy? The more information you can give your gynecologist, the better. Don’t rely on your memory. Write down everything you can about your irregular periods, even if you think it’s insignificant. If you feel embarrassed, keep reminding yourself that gynecologists hear about menstrual cycles and all the gory details all day long. It’s unlikely that you’ll say something they haven’t already heard.

Start tracking your menstrual cycle

Just how irregular are your periods? Are you getting your period every three weeks, or every three months?

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How to Get Pregnant When You Have Irregular Periods
How to Get Pregnant When You Have Irregular Periods

A long-term perspective of your cycle will help when you’re trying to get pregnant. You don’t necessarily need a Pregnancy & Ovulation Wheel – though they are extremely helpful! You can simply notes on your own wall calendar or in an app.

I track my periods in my day timer, simply by noting the first day of my period. Then, I go ahead four weeks and make a note that my period is due. This is incredibly helpful when I’m talking to my fertility doctors.

If you have irregular periods, the calendar method isn’t the best way to track your fertile days and get pregnant. Read Clearblue Digital Ovulation Test vs. the Calendar Method.

Make an appointment with a gynecologist

This isn’t the most fun appointment you’ll ever make, but it may be the most important! Even if you haven’t had past problems with endometriosis, fibroids, or uterine abnormalities, your body is changing…and so are your fertility levels. It’s important to get tested if you’ve been trying to get pregnant for over a year, if you’re younger than age 35. If over 35, make an appointment with a gynecologist when you’ve been trying to conceive for six months or more.

Also – learn how to prepare your body for pregnancy.

Consider natural ways to cope with irregular periods

In 8 Natural Ways to Regulate Your Period, I describe a variety of – you guessed it – natural ways to regular your period! But don’t just start popping herbal supplements like Black Cohosh or Wild Yam Root. Do some research. Consider acupuncture to balance your homes (you don’t have to consume anything when you do acupuncture).

Above all else, talk to your doctor about taking supplements when you have irregular periods. You want to get pregnant, but you want to be careful about how you go about it.

Eat “fertility foods” that help irregular periods – dark chocolate!

“Chocolate contains flavenoids, which have estrogen-like activity and help improve circulation by reducing platelet clumping, writes Dr Booth in The Venus Week: Discover the Powerful Secret of Your Cycle…at Any Age.

Flavenoids also enhance microcirculation in the ovaries and endocrine glands, and increase dopamine (a “feel good” hormone). Not just any old chocolate will do: eat dark chocolate that contains at least 70% cocoa solids.

For more tips on getting pregnant, read 5 Ways to Increase the Chances You’ll Conceive a Baby.

I welcome your thought on conceiving when your periods aren’t regular, but I can’t offer advice on getting pregnant. The best thing to do is see a gynecologist or fertility doctor in person if you’ve been trying to get pregnant for over a year without success.


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