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How to Detox Your Home and Increase Your Pregnancy Chances

While there’s no guarantee that knowing how to detox your home will increase your pregnancy chances, it certainly can’t hurt! A detoxed home can lower the stress on your body, which can increase the chances you’ll get pregnant.

“Unfortunately, exposures [to home pollutants] have increased during the past 30 years,” writes in Megan in How Your Home Affects Your Health. “To conserve energy, homes have been sealed so tightly that air is exchanged only once every five hours or less. Today’s tight houses also harbor biological contaminants such as bacteria, viruses, pollen and toxic molds, which grow easily in wet basements and bathrooms and on the cardboard backing used for drywall. The combination of these toxic factors can pose particular challenges to children, pregnant women, older people and individuals with allergies or compromised immune systems.”

If you want to increase your pregnancy chances, start detoxifying your body by detoxifying your home. These tips will help…

Detox Your Home and Increase Your Pregnancy Chances

Going green or making your home eco-friendly isn’t black or white – so you don’t have to redecorate and renovate your entire home to improve your health and increase your chances of pregnancy! Just take it one small green step at a time…

Detoxify your bedroom

“Your body is vulnerable when you’re asleep, making you more susceptible to environmental toxins,” says Candita Clayton, author of Clean Your Home Healthy: Green Cleaning Made Easy. And Riva Mackie, owner of Riva’s Eco Store in Calgary, adds, “Good health starts in the bedroom, because that’s where your body heals and regenerates.”

Creating a sleep sanctuary can range from decluttering your closets to replacing wall-to-wall carpets. Riva recommends reducing or eliminating sources of possibly harmful electromagnetic radiation. “Position your bed away from electrical outlets, use a wired telephone, and wake up with a battery powered alarm clock,” she says. This may increase your pregnancy chances by making your love life warmer and more sensual.

Buy organic bedding and pillows

Choose organic materials such as cottons, latex, and wool for your bedding, mattress and pillows. These materials eliminate unhealthy offgassing and are resistant to fire and allergens. “To make the switch to organic bedding, I recommend starting with the pillows,” says Kelley Box of Willow Natural Home in Nelson, BC. “They’re relatively inexpensive, and you’re breathing them in all night. Natural rubber products don’t contain fire retardants or other chemicals. Plus, they don’t allow molds, mildews or dust mites to thrive – and they’re bio-degradable.”

Box recommends rubber because it’s a renewable, biodegradable resource. “Find out where your rubber comes from and if any chemicals are added to it,” she says. Rawganique.com sells pillows made from shredded natural rubber, which shape to fit the contours of your neck and head. Other recycled options include pillows made from recycled billboard material, reclaimed wool sweaters, and even plastic bottles.

“Though our decorative pillows are made from recycled plastic bottles, you needn’t worry about crunch because they’re incredibly soft and fluffy!” says Tara Heiser of Radiant Ideas. “Our hand-printed pillows are made from premium green materials, such as 100% certified organic cotton and water-based inks. They’re stuffed with fluffy eco-fiber, made from recycled plastic.”

Sheets, pillowcases, and duvets made from soy, bamboo, or hemp are some of the softest, healthiest fabrics…and they may not only increase your chances of pregnancy, they may make the whole journey more fun!

Make sure your mattresses are made of natural materials

“Most standard mattresses are made of many chemicals to ensure non-flammable properties and mass production, such as boric acid (roach killer), formaldehyde and other petroleum-based chemicals,” says eco-friendly lifestyle expert Robin Wilson. “Many of these chemicals are intended to prevent allergens, dust mites, mold and other naturally occurring toxins.”

These chemicals can leech into your body through your lungs and skin. If you’re not ready to purchase an organic, natural latex foam, or natural latex rubber mattress, use a bamboo or wool cover on your existing mattress to buffer against toxins. Remember – you might be increasing your fertility by avoiding toxic chemicals.

Detox your walls and floors

Knowing how to detox your home isn’t just about increasing your pregnancy chances, it’s about bringing your baby to a healthy home after you get pregnant and give birth! Use specially formulated paints for low odor and low VOC emissions (volatile organic compounds, which the Environmental Protection Agency regulates to control air pollution). “These paints are available in latex flat, eggshell and semi-gloss finishes – so they’re easy to apply and clean up,” says interior designer Debbie Wiener, author of Slob Proof! Real-Life Home Decorating Solutions. “One option is Benjamin Moore’s ‘Pristine EcoSpec’ interior paints.”

Wiener recommends leaving your shoes at the door to keep the petrochemicals in street tar and resurfacing materials from moving through your home. “Use a large decorative basket with a washable cloth liner or a wooden shoe tray for outdoor shoes,” she says. “Your floors will not only be ‘healthier,’ they’ll last longer and look better.”

Bamboo and cork are eco-friendly alternatives to hardwood flooring, says Jason Nicols of Ontario-based Floor Coverings International. Bamboo, a grass that grows quickly and renews itself, is as durable as wood when fully harvested. Cork, which is made from tree bark, can be harvested without harming the tree. Another option is Teka Flooring – a company that makes gorgeous, durable wooden planks out of wood scraps originally classified as unusable.

Phew — there are a lot of ways to detox your home! It takes effort, but if you take it one step at a time, you could increase your pregnancy chances.

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How green is your home? Do you think it affects your ability to get pregnant? Comments welcome below!

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