How Do At-Home Fertility Treatments Work? The Conception Kit

One way to increase your chances of getting pregnant is to use a fertility monitor or fertility treatment, such as The Conception Kit. If you’re coping with infertility, however, make sure you talk to your fertility specialist first! Here, embryologist Stacie Hill describes how The Conception Kit works; she has 13 years of experience in reproductive medicine.

First, a quip from Celine Dion about pregnancy – to give you something to look forward to!

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If you want to get pregnant, then visualize how it’ll feel to be pregnant. Imagine the successful steps you’ll take to conceive a baby…some experts even recommend creating a fertility vision board to increase the chances of pregnancy. If you want to get more practical, here’s how one at-home fertility treatment – The Conception Kit – works. Pictured is an ovulation test predictor kit from ClearBlue, which can help you track your ovulation and menstrual cycles — click it for more info.

How to Use the Conception Kit (an At-Home Fertility Treatment)

I haven’t tried The Conception Kit – nor do I know anyone who has. I’m not recommending this fertility treatment, but I definitely think it’s worth exploring! Talk to your doctor or fertility specialist about it…and if you’ve already tried The Conception Kit, please comment below.

This at-home fertility treatment  — the Conception Kit –– is the only FDA cleared at-home conception system.  The cornerstone of the kit is the Conception Cap, a small silicone cap that a woman fills with semen and places in her vaginal cavity on the cervix.  The cap holds the sperm at the cervical opening and protects them from the acidic vaginal environment, which normally kills most of the sperm within minutes.  This allows every available sperm the opportunity to travel to the uterus and fallopian tubes, where the egg will be found.  The kit also helps to increase fertility by helping a woman to identify her most fertile days of the month.

For help with tracking your ovulation, read How Ovulation Predictor Kits Work.

The Conception Kit can be used to help women conceive when these issues are a factor: low sperm motility, low sperm count, donor sperm, tilted cervix, timing of ovulation, acidic vaginal environment, position during intercourse and while using donor sperm.

At this time, The Conception Kit costs $299.95 for three months of materials, which is less expensive than traditional, invasive fertility treatments.  It contains four Conception Caps, one per month and an extra cap for practicing inserting and removing prior to the first ovulation date.  The kit also includes a three month supply of materials for tracking ovulation, collecting semen, and detecting pregnancy.

Fertility Products

The Kit can be found at specialty pharmacies across the U.S., through the, or from a doctor.

Early Pregnancy also has a Softcup fertility aid that keeps sperm close to the cervix. It’s less expensive, but doesn’t include three months of materials.

fertility treatments at home

If you have any questions or thoughts about this at-home fertility treatment, please comment below!

Stacie Hill recently worked for 13+ years at Michigan Reproductive & IVF Center in Grand Rapids MI. She was an embryologist, proficient in all aspects of human embryo work including ICSI, IVF, and cryopreservation of embryos. For more info about current reproductive technology, visit Conceivex.

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