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5 Ways to Increase the Chances You’ll Conceive a Baby

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How can you conceive a baby girl or boy? (image by GraceFamily, via flickr)

Here you’ll find tips for conceiving a baby, plus links to my most popular articles on increasing your fertility and getting a positive pregnancy test.

These five tips are based on advice from the fertility experts at Pulling Down the Moon. They say:

“History shows that during a recession, birth rates drop as couples delay childbearing.  In current times where most women already postpone family planning, medical experts warn of the detriment of delayed pregnancy and urge couples to be aware of their biological clocks.”

Tami Quinn and Beth Heller are former fertility patients who wrote Fully Fertile: A 12-Week Holistic Plan for Optimal Fertility.

And, read on for their tips on boosting fertility…

How Do You Conceive a Baby? 5 Tips for Boosting Your Fertility

Fertility Yoga

Low impact exercise while trying to conceive a baby is a must, as high intensity activities place excess metabolic stress of the body. Low intensity yoga practices, especially those designed specifically to boost fertility, create physical and energetic balance in the reproductive system, relieve depression and anxiety and provide breathing techniques to prepare the body for new life.

To learn more, Yoga for Fertility – 5 Tips for Increasing Pregnancy Chances.

Fertility Weight

Studies show that optimum weight can enhance fertility; whether over or under weight, body compositions plays a major role in hormonal regulation. To boost your fertility, learn about your BMI, how to measure, what ensures the most successful pregnancy rates and best dietary guidelines for weight lost and gain while trying to conceive.

To learn more, read How to Prepare Your Body for Pregnancy – From Food to Treating STDs.

Fertility cleanse

Supporting the body’s detoxification organs is critical for women trying to conceive. When not functioning properly, hormone imbalances can cause reproductive turmoil. To increase the chances you’ll conceive a baby, learn what foods, eating habits and supplements can aid detoxification and boost fertility.

For more ways to conceive, read Tips on How to Get Pregnant – Not Just Fertility Foods.

Fertilize your partner

Studies show massage techniques benefit fertility by reducing toxicity, increasing blood flow to the pelvis, clearing circulatory pathways of the reproductive system and improve overall organ function. How can you conceive? Find classes that teach simple massage techniques for couples to practice together, to release stress and strengthen trust, connection, communication and intimacy.

Have you thought about male fertility? Read 5 Foods to Increase Sperm Count, Production, and Health.

Fertility support groups

Studies show that cognitive and mind/body support groups significantly increase pregnancy rates in infertility patients. And, some fertility clinics and organizations – such as Pulling Down the Moon – offer free fertility support groups along with their fertility manuals.

Support groups may be best for women who have been trying to get pregnant for over a year. If you’ve just started, read How Long Does It Take to Get Pregnant?

Why do you need to increase the chances you’ll conceive a baby?

Dr Angie Beltsos, medical director of the Fertility Centers of Illinois acknowledges that many women are still unaware that fertility starts to slow at 28 and drastically declines after 35. “Sadly, age is one of the biggest barriers to fertility and many patients seek treatment only when it’s too late,” she says. “Many women simply cannot afford to delay pregnancy, even in this troubled economy.”

The above tips to help you conceive are from Pulling Down the Moon – an Integrative Care for Fertility (ICF) service that works in partnership with medical doctors to treat infertility.

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