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Coping With Miscarriage After Fertility Treatments

These suggestions for coping with miscarriage after fertility treatments are based on recent research. Feelings of depression and sadness may be stronger if you miscarried after assisted reproduction (eg, IVF, IUI) than if you got pregnant naturally. About 20% (one in five) of pregnancies that are a result of fertility treatments end in a miscarriage, says Dr. Cheung Sze Yan […]

5 Places to Find Support for Pregnancy Loss

If you recently lost a pregnancy, you may feel overwhelmed by the grief you feel. Here are five ways to get the support you need from people who understand what you’re going through. “When I lost my daughter Naomi in my second trimester, I felt complete, utter lonesomeness along with my devastating sadness,” says Kristi Bothur, the mother of two […]

When You Lose a Baby – How to Overcome Sadness and Keep Trying

Yes, you can overcome the stress and sadness of losing a baby, and keep trying to get pregnant! These tips are inspired by a reader who miscarried a baby and desperately wants to be a mother… “I have been trying to conceive (TTC) for 10 months, and I did get pregnant after four months of trying,” says Joy on Dealing […]

Miscarriage Support – How to Cope With Pregnancy Loss

This miscarriage support is from people who had to cope with pregnancy loss. One tip for coping with a miscarriage is to share your story about pregnancy loss, which I encourage you to do at the end of this article. As I write this, I happen to be listening to “Obladi, Oblada, Life Goes On” by the Beatles. Following a […]

How to Help When Someone Has a Miscarriage or Pregnancy Loss

How do you help when someone has a miscarriage? This support for pregnancy loss is from a mother of two who had two miscarriages. She shares some “do’s” and “don’t’s” that will help you help someone who had a miscarriage…and it will help you if you yourself need support for pregnancy loss. “It was my very first pregnancy, and my […]