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Fertility Blogs and Websites for Men Who Can’t Have Children

Guys, if you want children, you’re not alone! Here’s a list of male fertility blogs and websites for men who want to have kids.

Unfortunately, my list of sites for men is small…probably because men are less likely to seek help for health issues than women are.

“Most of the time in my practice, I see women alone,” writes Daoshing Ni, DOM, PhD in The Tao of Fertility. “If I could tell men one thing now, it would be this: Don’t be passive. Participate. Go to the doctor with your partner, listen to her, and try to understand what she is feeling. Don’t feel you have to solve the problem. We know that intimacy helps increase fertility.”

If you’re a man trying to get your woman pregnant, you’ll find The Tao of Fertility: A Healing Chinese Medicine Program to Prepare Body, Mind, and Spirit for New Life helpful.

And, check out these blogs for men who want babies…

Male Fertility Blogs and Websites for Men Who Want Kids

Donor Insemination Dad

In Life as Dad to Donor Insemination (DI) Kids, Eric Schwartzman offers thoughts, comments, and observations about creating and raising children who are biologically not his, but who are legally and emotionally his. His lifetime goal was to be a father…and he is one! If you’re a guy who has sperm problems, take heart. You, too, can be a dad.

The Fertility Blogs

While The Fertility Blogs aren’t just for men who can’t have kids, they do cover male infertility. For example, here’s an excerpt from an article by Greg Wolfe, author of How to Make Love to a Plastic Cup: A Guy’s Guide to the World of Infertility:

“There’s enough out there about male infertility to write a book (in fact, I did), but while we talk a lot about how wives feel during the infertility process, not a lot of focus is put on the men. Especially the infertile men – which isn’t good, since we make up half of the infertile cases, you know?

See, one of the few things that we men are biologically programmed to do (besides kill spiders) is to procreate. It’s how we propagate our species, pass down our legacy, and get someone to help us with the yard work. Usually it’s a simple-enough process…but once it’s clear that things aren’t happening the way they’re supposed to happen, we get… frustrated. We men have this tendency to need to need to fix things, and as we all know, fertility isn’t something you just take a socket wrench to and fix.”

To read the rest, go to Author Greg Wolfe on Infertile Men.

Men’s health blog

On Dr Geo’s Natural Health Blog, you can ask questions about urology, proctology, sperm, and all those other male fertility and men’s health issues. Dr Geo is a naturopathic physician who says:

“The goal of this blog is to keep you updated with the latest health information and provide some insight to the web community on topics that I am most passionate about – particularly: health care and politics, cancer, prostate health, Interstitial Cystitis, men’s health and integrative urology.”

Ask Mr. Dad.com

Armin Brott is a parenting expert who runs mrdad.com. While he doesn’t have a male fertility website, he does answer questions men have about parenting. For instance, in You’re More Normal Than You Think, he offered his advice to a man who tried to conceive a baby for several years, and isn’t happy with his and his wife’s decision to adopt.

Here’s what Mr. Dad says about adopting after infertility:

“Researcher Rachel Levy-Shiff found that for many parents, adoption is a second choice, a decision – like yours – that is reached only after years of unsuccessfully trying to conceive on their own and years of disappointments and intrusive, expensive medical procedures.

Infertility can make you question your self-image, undermine your sense of masculinity (how can I be a man if I can’t get my partner pregnant?), force you to confront your shattered dreams, and can take a terrible toll on your relationship. That’s enough to depress anyone. If you’re having trouble accepting the fact that you won’t be having biologically related children, talk to some other people about what you’re feeling.”

If you’re struggling with male factor infertility, you may find How to Increase Male Fertility and Improve Sperm Count helpful.

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Do you know of any male fertility blogs, or websites for men who want to have children? Please let me know below!

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  2. Get the treatment to have child by increasing fertility in males. Various fertility centers are the best destinations where anyone can opt for fertility treatment through “Gestational Surrogacy India” for a good list of websites.

  3. Most of the times it is still believed that it is only women who have fertility problems. The reality is men are just as likely to have fertility issues as women. They need support too! Great Post!

  4. Thanks for telling us about these blogs for men who can’t have kids or are infertile. I’m one of those guys. It’s not something I want to talk about and I’d never start a blog about male infertility, but it is good to know other guys are going through the same thing.

    Wally R.