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Fertility App to Help Women Get Pregnant

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A fertility tracker called Glow uses ovulation cycle forecasts and data analytics to advise women on the best times to conceive. This fertility app is for the iPhone, and was created by the co-founder of PayPal.

“My wife and I were lucky. We had our children without any issues,” said Max Levchin to Lauren Goode in Max Levchin’s New Plan: To Get You Pregnant (And Improve Health Care in the Process). “But we have people close to us that have gone through multiple IVF trials, and we’ve heard them say, ‘We’re not going to put my wife’s body through this anymore.’”

Levchin revealed this fertility app at a digital conference earlier this week. During his on-stage presentation, he entered data about his wife’s ovulation cycle into the fertility app, and it soon indicated her peak fertility times.

What I like about this app is that men are included in getting women pregnant! Men get an email on their cell phones, telling them that it is their partner’s peak fertility time.

Causes of Fertility Problems

Female fertility problems are caused by age, weight problems, fibroids, hormonal changes, sexually transmitted diseases, and pelvic inflammatory disease. These are health issues that can affect your ability to conceive a baby and have a healthy pregnancy.

Male fertility problems are caused by too-warm temperatures for testes (laptop computers, close fitting underwear, hot tubs, etc) – which affects sperm production, motility, and count. Testicular abnormalities such as varicocoeles can damage or eliminate sperm, and prescription medications can affect male fertility.

For both men and women, poor diet, no exercise, environmental toxins, stress, drug use, radiation treatments for cancer, and smoking can cause serious fertility problems.

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Why is a fertility app helpful in getting pregnant?

An app like Glow seems more important now than ever before, because over six million women in North America have a hard time getting pregnant or staying pregnant because of infertility. And if you’re over 35, your chances of conceiving drop significantly.

This app also encourages women to wear appealing lingerie and dress their best at peak fertility times. I’m not impressed by this aspect of the fertility app, but I can’t quite express why! It seems so stone-age and backward, to dress to seduce your partner so you get pregnant. The man should get tips for being sexy in their email, because it takes women longer to rev up for sex (though apparently his email includes encouragement to bring flowers).

What a fertility app won’t do

Glow can only tell women when they’re most likely to ovulate. It’s not a medical diagnosis of infertility or a forecast of when they’ll get pregnant. Of course, there are not guarantees that having a fertility app will help you get pregnant!

I’m not sure how this fertility app is better than a digital ovulation tracker such as a saliva ovulation test (because you still need to test your saliva and/or cervical mucus to enter the data into the app), or an app that tracks your ovulation calendar online. What do you think?

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If you’re trying to get pregnant, talk to your doctor as soon as possible.

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