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how to stop worrying irregular menstrual cycle

When to Start Worrying About Irregular Periods

Irregular periods are caused by stress, unbalanced hormones, certain foods, and even the environment. Some things - like the environment - can’t be changed. If you're worried about irregular periods, you can learn how to take control and make certain changes in your life.
should you get a hysterectomy

5 Questions to Ask Before You Get a Hysterectomy

My gynecologist recommended I get a hysterectomy because my periods weren’t just irregular, I was spotting all the time. He said it’s a simple surgery and I’d feel much better afterward. So, I scheduled the surgery without even thinking, “should I get a hysterectomy?” I didn’t ask the gynecologist any questions — nor did I get a second opinion from another doctor.
bathing pregnancy

7 Things to Avoid if You’re Trying to Conceive

Do hot baths decrease your chances of getting pregnant? What about hot tubs - do they diminish your chances of conceiving a baby? These tips for improving female fertility - a list of things to avoid if you want to get pregnant - are from physician and author Dr Jacob Teitelbaum.