Can’t Conceive? 4 Reasons to Find a Fertility Specialist ASAP

If you can’t conceive a baby and haven’t found a fertility specialist, you must read these reasons you need to go to a fertility clinic ASAP.

Finding a fertility specialist often isn’t the first thing couples do when they can’t conceive –- and that’s a mistake. These reasons it’s important to make an appointment with a doctor who specializes in pregnancy and fertility will light your fire! In a good way.

Here’s what one reader says:

“At least I’m not alone in my depression because I haven’t got pregnant for three years,” says Shirley on Depression When No Pregnancy is in Sight – 6 Ways to Cope. “We should go to a fertility clinic, I suppose. I just keep putting it off and so does my husband. Well, he refuses to go, actually, which may be part of why I’m so depressed about not getting pregnant! How do you convince a man that it’s okay to go to a fertility doctor without hurting his ego?”

These reasons you need to make an appointment with a fertility specialist sooner rather than later won’t hurt her husband’s ego. They’ll motivate both him and her to get cracking!

A fantastic book on everything from conceiving a baby to ovulation to surrogate motherhood is Fertility for Dummies. Despite its somewhat condescending title (I never liked being called a “dummy”), it’s a great resource for couples trying to get pregnant.

4 Reasons to Find a Fertility Specialist ASAP

Here’s what another reader says, on Dealing With Disappointment of Not Being Pregnant:

“I am turning 35 in two weeks and my husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for 14 months. I’ve used ovulation kits for the last five months, still nothing. Every month I get hopeful, and then I get my period and all the emotions all at once hit me like a ton of bricks! We are going to see a Reproductive Endocrinologist next month.”

Most fertility experts and “regular” doctors (general practitioners) say it takes a year on average for most couples to get pregnant. But, if you’re over 35 and you’ve been trying to conceive for a few months, you should talk to a fertility specialist as soon as possible — for many reasons.

Eggs get old, tired, and less likely to cooperate

“Why the decrease in pregnancy and rise in miscarriage as you get older?” write the experts in Fertility for Dummies. “It’s because of the increase in chromosomal abnormalities in your eggs as they age.”

Optimum fertility for women is age 18, and decreases in your mid-20s. “When you hit 40, the slide becomes even more dramatic,” write the authors. “33% of women over 35 have some difficulty getting pregnant, and 66% of women over 40 have infertility issues.”

See why it’s so important to take to a doctor who specializes in pregnancy and fertility as soon as possible? Because your eggs are getting old and your chances of conceiving a baby are decreasing.

Pregnancy doesn’t happen overnight (unless you’re 16 and in the back seat of a car)

We saw our first fertility specialist three years ago, and we’re still not pregnant. We didn’t see fertility doctors continuously for those three years – I needed to take a break from IUI (intrauterine insemination), take time to think about IVF (in vitro fertilization), and explore other options (adoption, fostering, living a childfree life, etc).

Magic and miracles happen at many fertility clinics, but not with a quick wave of the wand. The earlier you consult a fertility specialist, the more time you have to figure out what to do with whatever it is you’re dealing with (male infertility, female fertility problems, unexplained infertility, etc).

Fertility treatments take a long time

If you haven’t made an appointment with a fertility specialist yet, you may not realize how long it takes to get pregnant! If you don’t have sperm, you may have to choose a sperm donor and order it. If you have female problems (endometriosis, fibroids, uterine cyst, etc), then you may need surgery to increase your chances of pregnancy. And not every woman releases viable eggs every month, or other factors impede the fertility treatments…and those weeks and months add up to years.

The time is now to find a fertility specialist.

Fear and anxiety of the unknown takes a toll

The fear of the unknown (why can’t we get pregnant? who’s “fault” is it? what if we never have kids?) is far worse than finding out the reason you haven’t conceived a baby yet. Ignorance of the unknown brings fear, anxiety, and relationship struggles. Of course, knowing the true nature of your fertility problems bring its own set of trials…but if you know what the problem is, then you can start dealing with it. And that’s how a fertility specialist can help — many fertility clinics have good success rates.

If you don’t know where to start, read How to Find a Fertility Specialist or Infertility Doctor.

Are you reluctant to make an appointment with a fertility specialist? Comments welcome below…

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