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How to Achieve Your Goal of Getting Pregnant

goal of getting pregnantIn Yinstill Reproductive Wellness’ 10 steps to pregnancy, the first is goal setting. Here are a few tips on setting and achieving your goal of getting pregnant.

Dr Spence Pentland says:

“Take, for example, a woman with PCOS: Ideally, our main goal is to see three healthy regular menstrual cycles before trying to conceive. When the recommended plan and lifestyle changes are deeply committed to, three healthy regular menstrual cycles and pregnancy are often achieved within a 6-12 month treatment period.”

I think setting goals that lead you toward health and fertility is a great way to achieve your pregnancy. I also believe you shouldn’t do this alone. So many women ask me for help regulating their periods, increasing fertility, and getting pregnant – but I can’t offer that kind of support!

If you want to get pregnant, you need to read books like Taking Charge of Your Fertility: The Definitive Guide to Natural Birth Control, Pregnancy Achievement, and Reproductive Health. If you’ve been trying to get pregnant for longer than a year, then you need to talk to a health practitioner.

And, here are a few more goal setting tips for getting pregnant…

How to Achieve Your  Goal of Getting Pregnant

Create a vision board

One thing I’ve never tried – but always wondered about – is creating a vision board for fertility. I never did get pregnant, and often wondered if creating a vision board would have made a difference.

This isn’t a “medical” goal (nor is it suggested by Dr Pentland), but it may help you line up your lifestyle, and increase the chances that everything you do leads you towards a healthy pregnancy. This tip on how to achieve your goal of getting pregnant is more spiritual than practical.

Think about your physical health and medical goals

Dr Pentland recommends specific treatment goals, such as getting more quality sleep, reducing stress, improving diet, losing weight, regulating blood sugar/insulin levels, reducing levels of circulating androgens, estrogens and luteinizing hormone, lowering homocysteine levels, mediating inflammation, manage acne, eliminating excess hair growth, stopping hair loss, promoting regular ovulation and cycles, optimizing overall reproductive health, reducing chances of miscarriage and aiding in carrying pregnancy to term.

Phew! See why I recommend getting a health care practitioner to help you achieve your goal of getting pregnant? There are a lot of medical things you can do to increase your fertility – but it’s not wise to pursue things like “reduce levels of circulating androgens” alone.

If you’re worried about not conceiving, read How Fear of Infertility Treatments Affects Getting Pregnant.

Set specific lifestyle goals

“Without a target, one cannot hit it,” says Dr Pentland. “With clear goals and vision, each choice you make throughout each day can be evaluated as such; is this choice bringing me closer to my dream?”

Here are a few things you can do to achieve your goal of pregnancy:

“Recommended monitoring is different from cases to case,” says Dr Pentland. “This is an aspect of fertility treatment that should be carefully considered. Understanding your body is important. Knowing when you ovulate, finding issues with certain phases of the cycle, and the mind-body connection are all pearls that come with self-monitoring.”

For more tips on how to achieve your goal of getting pregnant, read How to Increase Your Chances of Conception – A Fertility Expert’s Tips.

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Source: 10 Steps to Optimize Your Fertility by Dr. Spence Pentland of Yinstill Reproductive Wellness in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

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