5 Ways to Quit Smoking When You’re TTC (Trying to Conceive)

These tips for quitting smoking when you’re trying to get pregnant are for both men and women. Quitting is hard – there’s no doubt about it – but you can do it.

best ways to stop Smoking When Trying to Conceive a babyYou may always be a smoker at heart – just not in action. For help quitting smoking, try the NicoDerm Nicotine Patches (they worked for my brother in law!).

Before the tips, a quip: “I used to smoke two packs a day and I just hate being a nonsmoker,” said Michelle Pfeiffer. “But, I will never consider myself a nonsmoker because I always find smokers the most interesting people at the table.”

It may help to know you’re not alone if you’re trying to quit smoking. And, if you focus on your desire to get pregnant, you may find quitting smoking a bit easier.

Here are five practical tips for quitting when you’re trying to conceive a baby…

5 Ways to Quit Smoking When You’re TTC

Trying different ways to quit smoking when you’re trying to conceive (TTC) may help you get pregnant! Whether you’re coping with infertility or not, you have to give up cigarettes. These ways to quit smoking when you’re trying to conceive range from visualization to NicoDerm.

1. Expect the worst. Withdrawal symptoms include anxiety, irritability, trouble sleeping or focusing, depression, or headaches. But – these symptoms of quitting smoking will ease up after five weeks, so hang in there. These ways to deal with depression will help improve your mood.

2. Consider nicotine replacement therapies. You don’t need a doctor’s prescription for NicoDerm patch; it provides a stream of nicotine to reduce the withdrawal effects of quitting smoking. If you’re tried NicoDerm and it didn’t work, your doctor can recommend a different nicotine patch, gum, or lozenge – or even prescribe a medication.

3. Quit one thing at a time. An effective way to quit smoking when you’re trying to conceive is to focus on giving up cigarettes alone. Don’t try to lose weight or increase your fitness levels at the same time as you’re trying to quit, or you’ll feel overwhelmed and more likely to fail.

4. Rub your belly. If you’re quitting smoking because you’re trying to conceive, visualize your baby or pregnancy. When the worst cravings hit, rub your belly or your back. Picture your tiny baby in your womb – or your healthy pink infant in your arms.

5. Consider alternative therapies to quit smoking. Acupuncture, hypnosis, aromatherapy, and meditation can help you give up cigarettes when you’re trying to get pregnant. These complementary or alternative therapies may help you stop the cravings and deal with withdrawal symptoms. These tips for improving the success of acupuncture may improve your chances of success if you’re thinking about acupuncture for quitting smoking or fertility.

If you have any thoughts about quitting smoking with you’re trying to conceive – or tips to help smokers quit! – please share below. I can’t offer advice on quitting smoking or getting pregnant, but I invite you to share your thoughts below.

May you conceive quickly, and quit smoking without any problems.

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