How to Prepare Your Body for Pregnancy – From Food to Treating STDs

A healthy pregnancy isn’t just about being pregnant, it’s about preparing your body to get pregnant! Even if you’re not trying to get pregnant now, you should learn how to prepare your body for pregnancy so you can easily conceive in the future.

First, a quip about pregnancy from actress Kate Winslet:

“I did a lot of walking during the pregnancy and I had a wonderful, much longed-for natural delivery,” says Winselt. “I was in labor 24 hours and he came out completely beautifully. It was a triumphant birth and it laid a lot of ghosts to rest for me. It was incredible to experience being able to do it totally naturally.”

Exercise is one of the best ways to keep your body ready to conceive and deliver babies. To learn more about a healthy pregnancy, read Before Your Pregnancy: A 90 Day Guide for Couples on How to Prepare for a Healthy Conception by Amy Ogle and Lisa Mazzullo.

And here are five ways to achieve a healthy pregnancy…

5 Tips for Preparing Your Body to Get Pregnant

These are basic tips for preparing your body to get pregnant (hence, “fertility foundations“!). For more in-depth tips, read Tips on How to Get Pregnant – Not Just Fertility Foods.

Eat foods that increase your fertility levels

Eating a balanced, nutritious diet isn’t just good for your waistline and brain cells – it affects your eggs, menstrual cycle, and ovulation surges. Foods that increase your fertility levels include healthy unsaturated fats such as nuts, olive oil, and avocados, can prepare your body for a healthy pregnancy.

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Take care of your health problems

Diabetes, thyroid disease, ovarian syndromes, and endometriosis can all affect your chances of conceiving a baby. Explore natural treatments for your health issues, if possible, and always ask your doctor if the medications he or she is prescribing will affect your current or future chances of a healthy pregnancy.

If your cycle isn’t regular, read When You Can’t Predict Your Periods and Want to Get Pregnant.

Stress less

According to Women’s Health magazine (June 2008), “stress interferes with the brain’s bulletins that tell your ovaries to do their monthly job of rolling out an egg.” Chronic stress can interfere with your menstrual cycle, egg hatching, and ovulation phases – and it can even cause bodily changes that make you think you’re ovulating, when you’re not.

To prepare your body for a pregnancy, practice healthy stress reduction techniques — and read How Stress Leads to Infertility.

Stop smoking (an obvious way to prepare your body for a healthy pregnancy!)

“Smoking constricts blood vessels, including those that feed the ovaries, which accelerates the loss of eggs,” says Dr Sherman Silber of the Infertilty Center of St. Louis (he also wrote How to Get Pregnant). “Sure, women who smoke can get pregnant – when they’re young. But smoking can cause you to become infertile earlier than you would as a nonsmoker.” (Again, this is from Women’s Health magazine.)

Deal with STDs

Sexually transmitted diseases can block fallopian tubes because of possible scarring…so if you’re actively intimate with different people, make sure you’re tested regularly. The sooner you treat STDs, the less likely they’ll decrease your chances of getting pregnant.

To learn more about healthy pregnancy, read Tips on How to Get Pregnant – Not Just Fertility Foods.

If you have any thoughts on these ways to prepare your body for pregnancy, please comment below.

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