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7 Tips for Buying Women’s Walking Shoes Online

Do you need a new pair of women’s walking shoes? I love my MBT “anti-shoes”! Here are seven tips for buying footwear online, and my impressions of these Mary Kay walking shoes for women…

Before the tips, a quip:

“A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is still putting on its shoes,” said Twain.

One great thing about MBT women’s walking shoes — I have MBT Sirima Black Anti-Gravity Shoes — is that they take seconds to put on and take off! For more info about these MBT “anti-shoes”.

And read on for my seven tips for buying footwear online…

7 Tips for Buying Women’s Walking Shoes Online

1. Know the shoe’s main purpose. I’m a writer, which means I’m on my feet all day long. Seriously – my husband built me a tall desk, situated in front of a window so I can look out at the forest while I write. I can’t stand to sit! Since I’m on my feet 8-10 hours a day, I need really good shoes…and I’ve found that the MBT anti-shoes are perfect because they supprt my back, knees, and hips (plus, they’re supposed to tone and shape the body when I walk!). When you’re buying footwear online, make sure you know the purpose of your shoes…walking? standing? running?

2. Choose multi-functional shoes – not just walking. Try to avoid buying women’s shoes that you can only wear in one situation. Buying footwear for a single party, hike, or situation is a waste of money, time, and energy – even if you’re buying footwear online! Many women’s walking shoes are suitable for a variety of situations — and function should be more important than beauty (but if you want to enhance your natural beauty, read Tips for Enhancing Your Natural Beauty!).

3. Look for classic styles and colors in women’s shoes. Though it’s tempting, don’t chase the fads when you’re buying footwear online. To save money, avoid collecting closets full of shoes that were popular for a few weeks last year, or even ten years ago. And, buying footwear online or in person can mean choosing classic colors, like browns, blacks, dark blues, and even dark grays — depending on your wardrobe.

4. Do the research when you’re buying footwear online. Buying cheap plastic or un-supported shoes will cost you in the long run. Poor quality shoes can affect your back, spine alignment, knees, and even your hips (and I’m not just talking about high heel shoes!). Before you buy footwear online or in person, research various brands. Online forums, discussion boards, and even blogs are great places to ask for information about women’s walking shoes.

5. Question your friends and family about their favorite walking shoes. This is one of my tips for buying footwear online or in person: asking friends and family for their favorite shoes and brands. It’s difficult to buy shoes without knowing what they’re really like – and your family and friends will be honest about their favorite shoes.

6. Ask for “shoe-specific secrets.” If you’re buying footwear online, find out if the shoes fit slightly small or slightly large. For instance, MBT anti-shoes fit slightly small – which means I chose a size 7 instead of 6.5. Even though I didn’t try these shoes on before I bought them, they fit perfectly….because I was aware of this tip for buying women’s walking shoes. Don’t be afraid to email or call the company with questions.

7. Know the return policy for buying footwear online. If you’re buying footwear online, find out who has to pay the shipping charges if you have to return or exchange the shoes. Protect yourself as a consumer by thinking ahead – because though you’ll often be successful in buying women’s walking shoes, there will be times that the shoes just don’t fit. The MBT anti-shoe in this picture is available from Amazon; just click the image for details.

For more tips, How to Feel Beautiful No Matter What You Look Like.

If you have any questions or tips for buying women’s walking shoes, please comment below…

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