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Why Should I Exercise? How Exercising Affects Every Part of You

I got tired of asking “Why should I exercise?”, so I researched how exercising affects how I look and feel. If you’re wondering why you should exercise, you gotta read how exercising helps your brain, body, soul, and relationships…

Before the tips, a quip:

“The only way to keep your health is to eat what you don’t want, drink what you don’t like, and do what you’d druther not.” ~ Mark Twain.

I’d rather not exercise, but it turns out that the reasons I should be exercising outweigh the reasons I’d rather not be exercising…

Exercise lowers feelings of stress

The more you exercise, the better you’ll cope with anxiety, stress and depression. A huge reason you should exercise is that it reduces the stress hormone cortisol. During and after exercising (less during than after), you’ll feel natural happy, positive feelings. These are hormones called endorphins, and they affect every part of your body. Exercise give you a natural high – which is one reason why you should exercise! Natural highs are better than unnatural ones, of course.

Exercising affects your brain and thinking skills

Exercise infuses your brain with oxygen, helping you think quickly and clearly. One of the best tips for exercising is to learn new activities such as dance or a new sport. Learning new body and brain movements builds new connections between your brain cells, and helps your brain detox from environmental toxins by fighting free radicals.

Exercise energizes you – a big reason you should exercise!

Even when you’re tired, fitness affects your energy levels in positive ways. Exercise increases blood flow and oxygen, which makes you less tired and fatigued. This is why I exercise almost every day — I get a “yoga high” that carries me through the next few hours. Fitness really does affect every part of your body, partly through increasing your energy levels.

Exercise clears your skin and helps acne

If you exercise regularly without clearing your skin of the sweat, oil, and dirt, then you’ll notice an increase in acne. But, a daily fitness routine that involves washing your face can be an effective way to treat acne. Exercise promotes circulation and feeds your skin nutrients, which make breakouts less frequent.

Exercising affects your immune system

Exercise improves your immune system, partly by fighting free radicals. Physical exercise also helps you sweat out toxins that trigger disease and infections. You should exercise because it lowers your blood pressure, decreases “bad” cholesterol levels, and makes your heart stronger.

Exercising increases confidence levels

Not only will you have more confidence in yourself if you exercise regularly, you’ll be perceived as kinder, smarter and more likeable (because you’ll feel happy and good about yourself, which is attractive). Fitness affects every part of your physical body, and also changes how you feel about how you look. If you’re curious about which exercises you should do to lose weight, read Exercises That Burn the Most Calories for Permanent Weight Loss.

The best reason you should exercise…a better sleep

This is why everyone should exercise every day: exercise helps you sleep deeper and longer — as long as you don’t exercise two hours before bedtime. A good night’s sleep improves your brain functioning, helps you deal with trivial irritations, and helps you flow through you day in a happier, more peaceful state.

Exercise helps your intimate relationships

If you want a better sex life, that’s why you should exercise! Physical activity affects every part of your body because it sends blood to even the remotest parts of your body, making you respond more quickly to intimate touch. You’ll enjoy physical intimacy more not only because you’re losing weight, but because you feel better about your body.

The bestselling exercise program on Amazon is the Zumba Fitness Total Body Transformation System. If you’re convinced you should exercise, it’s worth a peek!

And if you know why you should exercise but can’t force yourself to do it, read Need Motivation to Exercise? Top Tips for Working Out at Home.

What do you think about these reasons why you should be exercising? Comments welcome below…


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