What Your Halloween Costume Reveals About Your Personality

What does your Halloween costume say about you? I just updated my Famous Introverts and Celebrities Who Are Loners article, and wondered about the personality traits of people who want to dress up as famous movie stars for Halloween. October 31 is creeping up; it’s the perfect time to be who we really want but can’t in daily life!

What Your Halloween Costume Says About Personality
Gypsy Halloween Costume

My top pick Halloween costume is a Retro Bohemian Gypsy Halloween Costume – and it’s easy to figure out what this Halloween costume says about my personality. I love the idea of being a gypsy, I love the colors of this costume, and I love the outfit itself. Except for the high heel boots: a real gypsy wouldn’t wear heels because she needs to move, run, jump, and kick some serious pirate booty. What does this Halloween costume say about me? More than I want people to know, probably.

What your Halloween costume – especially if you’re wearing a mask – reveals about your personality could be more important than what it hides. If nobody can tell who you are because your Halloween costume completely hides your identity, then you’re saying more about your personality than you’d admit outright. You’re saying you want to be someone else for at least one night. Your Halloween costume might be scary and dark, or light and comical…but if you’re hiding behind a mask, you may want to escape your life and personality. That’s normal! That’s what Halloween is all about, isn’t it? That, and candy.

What about the Halloween costumes your friends and family choose? October 31 is the perfect time to take a good look at your friends and loved ones – especially your boyfriend or husband. Is he dressing up as an accountant or Scooby Do? A hot dog or the president? Does his Halloween costume match his personality traits?

What Your Halloween Costume Says About You

If you could dress up as anything you want for Halloween this year, what would it be? Bob Marley, an Egyptian Queen, a Black Knight, Marilyn Monroe, or King Henry VIII? If you’re drawn to a nurse or superhero Halloween costumes, you’re saying something about your personality. On the other hand, if you’re drawn to a Zombie or dark witch costume you’re saying something very different about who you are, what you’re interested in, and what you do in your free time.

If you haven’t found a Halloween costume yet and you love reading and writing, read 30 Halloween Costume Ideas for Book Lovers.

1. Superman, Wonder Woman, Cat Woman, Iron Man – Superhero Halloween costumes

What Does Your Halloween Costume Say About You
What Does Your Halloween Costume Say About You?

Want to be a Medieval Renaissance Knight Ren Faire for Halloween? If you gravitate towards superhero or heroine costumes, you could have a childlike fantasy of saving the world and a desire to fight evil. You love the idea of good overpowering evil, light overcoming dark, justice stamping out unfairness. You like the feeling of being omnipotent and strong, admired and revered. You want to save people, especially the most vulnerable and helpless underdogs.

Maybe you’re even the sheriff of a small town or rescuer of the environment! You don’t have to be big and strong to be a superhero…you just have to be brave and willing to take risks. Who is your favorite superhero? That’s the Halloween costume that reveals the most about what you think about good and evil, light and dark, injustice and fairness for all.

2. Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Snow White – Disney Characters Halloween costumes

Literature and Book Character Costumes for Halloween

What does this Alice in Wonderland Halloween Costume say about your personality? It depends on which Alice costume you choose; some are psychedelic, others dangers, and still others sexy. And that in itself – which Alice you want to be – says alot about your personality.

Those young and innocent Halloween costumes and characters of childhood indicate a wish for youthfulness. You want to go home, back to the way things were when life was easy and uncomplicated. You don’t want to be the superhero…you want to be rescued, saved, and whisked away to a different world.

This type of Halloween costume doesn’t mean you have a weak or helpless personality, though! Many Disney characters were strong and brave. These Halloween costumes simply reveal your wish for safety and simplicity, innocence and childhood. One similarity to the superhero Halloween costume is the wistful wish that our world be saved.

3. Amelia Earhart, Margaret Thatcher, Iron Lady – Strong Women Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costumes and Personality Traits
What Your Halloween Costume Says About Your Personality

After the gypsy, this would be my favorite Halloween costume: a strong historical female role model. The Woman’s Aviator Amelia Earhart Halloween Costume is a great example. Or someone from the Bible, such as Deborah or Ruth. These types of Halloween costumes reveal personality traits that are more practical and realistic than superheros or Disney princesses.

Other strong women in history include the famous painter Frida Kahlo, the fictional characters Thelma and Louise, Margaret Thatcher (Britain’s Iron Lady), Hilary Clinton, and Whoopi Goldberg. If your Halloween costume involves a brave woman who changed history, your personality traits are shining through loud and clear.

Some Halloween costumes reveal not just personality traits, but also secret childhood wishes. In 20 Unique Do It Yourself Halloween Costumes for Women, I share a huge variety of costume ideas.

4. French Maids and Schoolgirls – “Naughty” Halloween Costumes

What Your Halloween Costume Reveals About Your Personality
What does your costume reveal on Halloween?

This Cigar Girl Halloween Costume is one of the least popular costumes on Amazon, which says a lot of good stuff about our culture. But what if you do want to be a cigar and cigarette girl on Halloween? The costume does reveal something about who you are.

Take a French maid costume, which is a similar choice. What does it say about you? You want attention. You want people to look at you, be drawn to you, and keep coming back to you. Either you’re completely comfortable with the naughty aspect of these personas, or you wish you could let loose and be more wild and unpredictable.

Think back to your favorite or best Halloween costumes. Does one particular costume stand out to you? For example, I loved being Raggedy Ann when I was a girl. She was so sweet, innocent, and untouched. This says alot about me…and your Halloween costume says a lot about you, too.

5. Rabbits, Horses, Puppies, Unicorns – Animal Halloween Costumes

What Your Halloween Costume Reveals About Your Personality
What Your Halloween Costume Says About Your Personality

If the penguin is your favorite animal, you’ll love the Cool Penguin Halloween Costume. Penguins are aggressive yet gentle, outgoing but shy, stable yet flighty. I’m not sure how you’d hold your trick or treat pillowcase or Halloween cocktail with those flippers, but I’m sure you’d find a way.

Animals are among the most popular Halloween costumes. Pets and creatures – both real and fictional – represent instincts and a streak of untameability. Different animals represent different characteristics, of course. For instance, bears represent power and strength. Giraffes are peaceful and serene; bunny rabbits furry and cuddly. Puppies and kittens are cute and tamed and snuggle-able.

Animals have mythological or symbolic traits, in addition to their individual characteristics. For instance, dogs represent loyalty, dependence, and companionship. Lions and cats symbolize royalty, power, self-confidence, and independence. However, everything depends on the costume itself! If you’re wearing a cat Halloween costume, are you Garfield or Aslan the lion? You might be representing disdain or spiritual salvation.

If you’re intrigued by what your dog Halloween costume says about your personality, read What Your Favorite Dog Breed Reveals About Your Personality.

6. Zombies, Vampires, Witches, Goblins – Scary Halloween Costumes

What Your Halloween Costume Says About You

Scary characters are a favorite Halloween costume trend every year; the scarier and more gruesome, the better. Choosing a macabre costume reveals personality traits that revolve around a fascination with the dark side, and perhaps a desire to get in touch with your own dark, hidden, shadow self. I don’t think these Halloween costumes reveal many unique personality traits about you, but I’d happily consider your perspective. What do you think these costumes reveal about people?

If you’re not really into Halloween, I bet you’re an introvert. I am, too! Introverts are quickly overwhelmed by the noise, lights, crowds, and freakiness of Halloween. Extroverts love the whole gong show – they’re literally the life of the party. Introverts, on the other hand, can’t wait to go home and curl up with a good book.

If you want to learn more about your personality – and what your Halloween costume says about you – take my quick little test for introverted personality traits.


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