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What Your Halloween Costume Says About Your Personality

What does your Halloween costumes say about your personality traits? If you look behind the “trick or treat” mask of these costumes, you can see right into people’s thoughts, dreams, and personality…

What Your Halloween Costume Says About PersonalityI’d dress up as a gypsy with the Retro Bohemian Babe Gypsy Halloween Costume, without a doubt. I love the idea of being a gypsy, I love the colors of this Halloween costume, and I love the outfit itself. It’s me! Except for the high heel boots: a real gypsy wouldn’t wear heels because she needs to move, run, jump, and twirl. What does this Halloween costume say about my personality?

What your Halloween mask reveals could be more important than what it hides. If you could dress up as anything you want for Halloween this year, what would it be? Bob Marley, an Egyptian Queen, a Black Knight, Marilyn Monroe, or King Henry VIII? Whether you tend towards superhero or nurse Halloween costumes says something about your personality traits. If you haven’t created a costume yet, read Literature and Book Character Costumes for Halloween. It’s one of my favorite Halloween articles.

And what about the Halloween costumes your friends choose? Take a good look at them on October 31…what do their costumes say about their personality traits? Maybe they’re dressed up as food items, famous movie stars, or stuffed animals.

Wondering what a Halloween costume says about someone’s personality traits is also a great conversation starter at parties…

What Your Halloween Costume Says About Your Personality

If you’re not really into Halloween, I bet you’re an introvert. All that noise, crowds, and stimulation might be overwhelming and draining for you. Take my test for introverted personality traits to learn about introverts and extroverts.

Superman, Wonder Woman, or Cat Woman Halloween costumes

If you gravitate towards superhero or heroine costumes, you could have a child-like fantasy of saving the world and a desire to fight evil.

You like the feeling of being omnipotent and strong, admired and revered. Superhero Halloween costumes for women reveal personality traits connected with fantasies of good and evil….which are both part of our authentic selves.

Fairy Princess or Peter Pan Halloween costumes

The innocent costumes of your childhood could indicate a wish for youthfulness, and a desire to recapture the naïve tendencies of children. Perhaps you wish for safety and simplicity. Similar to the superhero persona, you may wish for the magical ability to save the world.

Some Halloween costumes reveal not just personality traits, but also secret childhood wishes. In 20 Unique Do It Yourself Halloween Costumes for Women, I share a huge variety of costume ideas.

Strong women in history Halloween costumes

Halloween Costumes and Personality Traits

What Your Halloween Costume Says About Your Personality

After the gypsy costume, this would be my favorite idea for Halloween: to dress up as a strong historical female role model. Amelia Earhart is a good example. Or someone from the Bible, such as Deborah or Ruth.

If you were to dress up as an amazing woman in history, who would you be? Some ideas are Frida Kahlo, Thelma or Louise (fictional women — but oh so daring!), Amelia Earhart, or Whoopi Goldberg. Whatever woman you choose has personality traits that you admire and perhaps even wish you had.

French maid Halloween Costumes

Your “trick or treat” mask could reveal a natural comfort or inclination towards a particular persona. If you choose an “oo la la” French maid or dominatrix costume, you could be either repressed or liberated in the bedroom.

In other words, you’re yearning to explore your wild side, or you’re already game for anything in the bedroom…and you enjoy being the centre of attention!

Rabbits, horses, puppies or other animal Halloween costumes

Animals represent instincts and the characteristics of the creature of your choice. For instance, bears represent power and strength. Giraffes are peaceful and serene; bunny rabbits furry and cuddly.

Animals have mythological as well as contemporary traits, such as loyalty (dog) and royalty or self-confidence (lion). Dressing as cat, for instance, could mean you admire independence in yourself — or you wish you were more independent.

If you’re intrigued by what your dog Halloween costume says about your personality, you might be interested in reading What Your Favorite Dog Breed Reveals About Your Personality.

Dark vampire or scary witch Halloween costumes

Scary creatures are a favorite Halloween costume trend every year; the scarier, the better, it seems! Choosing a macabre costume reveals personality traits that revolve around a fascination with the dark side, and perhaps a desire to get in touch with your own dark, hidden, nefarious self. If you’re into a gothic witch costume, click the image for more info.

Creative Halloween costumes for women and men may reveal personality traits, but sometimes “a cigar is just a cigar.” This means that sometimes a “trick or treat” mask is simply a quick and easy choice for Halloween – and not necessarily indicative of personality traits!

What does your Halloween costume say about your personality? Comments welcome below…

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