What Your Favorite Dog Breed Reveals About You

What does your favorite type of dog breed reveal about your personality traits? If you love Labradors, for example, are you more family-focused? What about terriers, pit bulls, whippets, hound dogs? What your favorite dog and breeds says about your personality traits may surprise you.

What Your Favorite Dog Breed Reveals About Your Personality

My source is Dogology: What Your Relationship with Your Dog Reveals about You by Vicki Croke and Sarah Wilson. It’s a great book for dog lovers – especially for Christmas or birthday gifts. The authors playfully and cleverly reveal the connection between our behavior with our dogs and our own personality traits. They describe how our favorite dog breeds reveal our strengths and weaknesses. “Dogology” reveals that dog owners – depending on what breed they love most – fall into 9 distinct personality types: Angel, Dynamo, Soul Mate, Idealist, Observer, Expert, Buddy, Master, and Free Spirit. 

First things first. Here’s an interesting bit of canine research from the University of Leicester: younger people who are disagreeable are more likely to prefer aggressive dogs, confirming the conventional wisdom that dogs match the personality of their owners. In the study, participants indicated their preference for different types of dogs, and filled in personality tests. The dogs were independently rated according to how aggressive people perceived them to be. Bull terriers were rated as most aggressive, followed by boxers; retrievers and cocker spaniels were seen as least aggressive.

The researchers found that certain personality factors indicated a preference for dogs perceived to be more aggressive. Low agreeableness and higher conscientiousness were related to a preference for aggressive dog breeds. Younger people were also more likely to prefer the aggressive breeds. Surprisingly, the results indicated a small effect suggesting that those who liked aggressive dogs showed signs of conscientiousness – being careful, reliable and thoughtful about their actions.

This contradicts the perception that owners of aggressive dogs are always irresponsible. “This type of study is important, as it shows assumptions are not the whole picture,” said lead researcher Dr Vincent Egan. “It is assumed owners of aggressive dogs (or dogs perceived as aggressive) are antisocial show-offs. But we did not find persons who expressed a preference for aggressive dogs had committed more delinquent acts, or reported showing off more.”

What Your Favorite Dog Breed Says About You

“Our relationships with our dogs tend to be so unconscious, so bare, and so basic,” write Croke and Wilson in Dogology. “Our relationships with our dogs are so much simpler than with fellow humans and less muddied by commentary and feedback about our own behavior and choices…[thus], we’re much less self-conscious when we interact with our dogs.”

If your favorite dog breed is a Sight Hound (Greyhound, Whippet, Borzoi, Irish Wolfhound, etc), then your personality traits are:

What Your Favorite Dog Breed Say About Your Personality
What Does Your Favorite Dog Breed Say About You?
  • Relaxed and introverted
  • Quiet
  • Lover of small groups and close friends
  • Organized

“What do dogs do on their day off? Can’t lie around—that’s their job.” – George Carlin.

If your favorite dog breed is a Retriever or Spaniel (Labradors, Goldens, Labradoodles, American Cocker Spaniels, English Springer Spaniels, etc) then your personality traits are:

  • Family-focused
  • Fun-loving and social
  • Easygoing
  • Active lifestyle
  • Positive perspective, with an “open door” policy at home

“Dogs have masters. Cats have staff.” – unknown.

If your favorite dog breed is a Pointer or Setter (English Pointers, Weimaraners, Wirehaired Pointing Griffons, Irish Setters, English Setters, etc), then your personality traits are:

  • Passionate and determined
  • Energetic and motivated
  • Lover of luxuries
  • Rugged (you’ll hike all day!)

“There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.” – unknown.

If your favorite dog breed is a Scent Hound (Beagle, Basset, Bloodhound, Foxhound, etc), then your personality traits are:

  • Determined and focused
  • Intense, even relentless
  • Funny
  • Lover of food

“Dogs’ lives are too short. Their only fault, really.” – Agnes Sligh Turnbull. Have you ever wondered how dogs cope with the loss of a fellow pet? Read Do Dogs Grieve? How to Help Your Dog Adjust After Loss.

If your favorite dog breed is a Terrier, then your personality traits are:

  • Fun-loving and funny
  • Determined and focused
  • Energetic
  • Talkative and versatile
  • Rough- and-tumble

This light-hearted look at dog breeds and human personality traits didn’t mention dogs who are aggressive or bred as rat terriers. For example, my dog recently discovered that she was born to help lower the world’s population of rodents.

How Do You Deal With Guilt When Your Dog Kills Squirrels?
How to Cope With Guilt When Your Dog Kills Squirrels

Warning: Even if you can easily and instantly identify your most-loved breed of dog, you still can’t know with 100% certainty that it is your absolute favorite. Why? Because you haven’t lived with every dog breed! For example, I didn’t know I loved terriers until I adopted Georgie Girl :-)

If your dog is displaying an unsavory side to her personality (in other words, she kills things), read How to Cope With Guilt When Your Dog Kills Squirrels.

What is your favorite dog breed, and does it reveal anything about your personality traits?  Or, are the authors of Dogology in the doghouse? :-)

“Be the person your dog thinks you are.” – C.J. Frick.


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71 thoughts on “What Your Favorite Dog Breed Reveals About You”

  1. I like this post, enjoyed this one thanks for putting up. “The goal of revival is conformity to the image of Christ, not imitation of animals.” by Richard F. Lovelace.

  2. What about Border-Kollies and Kelpys? That’s my dog’s breed (a cross between them). I think you should add some more, especially since you showed a photo of the book you got this information from, and it had a border-kollie on the front. I’m a little disappointed, but overall, I liked it!

  3. I’ve had a English Setter, Springer Spaniel Mix, Border Collie, German Shepherd, Yellow Lab, and Siberian Husky. Loved them all…all very different. My Sibe and I seemed spiritually suited, and bonded like no other.

  4. What an interesting post! After reading the very first post, simply must share the difference between cats and dogs. When you have a dog and you love it and feed it and take care of it … they look at you and think “wow – you must be a god.” When you have a cat and you love it and feed it and take care of it … they look at you and think “wow – I must be a god.”!!

    Favourite dog breed huh? whoa – how to choose. Lab for certain and the descriptor is a good general fit. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Great questions!

    The breed you select can be a reflection of “Two of a Kind” meaning you are like that breed/mix or of “Opposites Attract” meaning you’re not like but you admire or appreciate.

    Us multipet people are apparently attracted to diversity. My husband and I currently have two German Shepherd Dogs and two terrier mixes. All of them bring unique qualities to our life.

    Two of a Kind for Terriers begins with “You are fun-loving, determined, focused, and more than a bit active. Some people, amused by your impish charm, may miss the ramrod spine you possess.” Ah.. that’s pretty accurate. ;)

    Now, you can go to “Breeding Love and Contentment” to get some relational guidance. Under You are Like a Terrier we read, “Put your tail down! Now everyone you meet is a potential opponent, and not every person enjoys tussling… When you retell moments of conflict – your war stories – you smile…”

    Dogology also introduces and explores nine owner types: Idealist, Soul Mate, Expert, Dynamo, Master, Observer, Buddy, Angel, Free Spirit. These were discussed on PBS’ recent NATURE episode, Why We Love Cats and Dogs.

  6. Thank you Laurie PK for your article on dog breeds and personalities. The German Shepard is a fantastic companion, loyal friend, protector and a goof ball at times. It’s all I’ve ever owned and I don’t see myself with any other breed in the future.

  7. I have a love/hate relationship with terriers. My dog is a terrier and I love her to pieces, but she gets SO focused on hunting squirrels that I can’t distract her! I wish she had more retriever qualities, so I could tire her out playing fetch instead of chasing her through the forest, hunting for squirrels.

    According to the dog breeds, my favourite dog SHOULD be a Sight Hound because that’s my personality. Maybe I’ll adopt one of those next…

  8. I agree, there are alot of dogs and dog breeds missing from this list. And it’s not an exact science, matching personality traits of dog owners to their dogs so even if your dog is on this list, it may not be accurate.

  9. My dog is a terrier – a Schnauzer/border terrier mix, from the SPCA. I met a similar one yesterday at a picnic; unfortunately Georgie was at home! Would’ve been so cool to see them interact. Instant love? Instant hate? Love, I bet.

  10. The two best dogs Ive ever had were a great dane ( My current dog Loki) and an Irish Setter (named Chrissy) Ive had lots of other types but both those two breeds were the most loyal, sweet, and smart dogs Ive ever owned. Can’t speak highly enough of these breeds.

  11. Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen

    Thanks for your comments — Crystal’s makes me want to see what it’s like to have a Great Dane! What that says about my personality, I don’t know.

    We have a terrier mix who is the cutest dog ever. The problem is that she’s a mix of so many breeds, it’s impossible to know what her breed reveals about our personality. She’s a Heinz 57, I guess…and those breeds don’t have dominate traits, do they?

  12. All true about the Danes amazing loving loyal I have never heard of anyone who has owned one who dose not think they are the best I have one and will never go without one again but I still have my other dogs which are all hearding breeds.

  13. Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen

    I have the personality traits of a sight hound, but my dog is a terrier mix. Maybe some of us love dogs that have personality traits that are the opposite of our own? :-)

  14. This is very interesting, you should write all the dog breeds.

    By the way, I have 1 golden retriever. She’s such a big girl and I have 1 poodle toy. He’s such a lovely boy.

  15. Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen

    I found this description of a Great Dane’s personality on JustDogBreeds.com — and it makes me want to make this dog a part of my family!

    “Known as the “gentle giant” and the “king of dogs,” the Great Dane was originally bred as a hunting dog but is now bred as an exceptionally large companion dog. And he makes a good one. He is a gentle, friendly, docile, peaceful, and a really, really big dog. He is exceptionally devoted to his owners, especially children.

    The Great Dane is people-oriented and committed to pleasing them. They are playful, and will need to be walked daily, but their exercise needs are only moderate. They also love to nap with you, and will take over your couch. They might also go steal some food off the countertop before you wake up. They make good watchdogs, and are often reserved towards strangers, but in general, they don’t bark much. They get along well with other animals. They are trainable and do well in the competition ring. They are also quick to housetrain. So, if you are looking for a dog that honestly believes he is a part of the family … if you are looking for a gentle giant to have in your home … who will be able to sit and look you in the eye at the dinner table … if you are looking for a peaceful, devoted companion who loves his family and home, then the Great Dane might be for you.”

    It seems to me that the personality traits of this dog breed are similar to a retriever or spaniel, which means you may be family-focused, social, easygoing, even-keeled, positive perspective, and an “open door” policy at home.

    I didn’t realize how wonderful Great Danes are! Wow.

  16. Hello,
    I’ve enjoyed reading the comments on here, well I read most of them any way. I have 2 Great Danes, Bristol River and Z (xena) I got River from a breeder, a very good friend of mine and I rescued Z out of a bad situation in Virgina. I couldn’t imagine life without a Dane in it. The Danes and my 2 kids ages 4 and 8 and 2 cats all get along very well…. so what does loving Danes say about me?

  17. Hi Laurie,
    I have a Rottie/ English Springer cross and an American Staffordshire Bull Terrior. What does that say about me?

  18. I have a newfoundland called spike and a siberean husky named sydney; my brother has a siberean husky named Ice
    I wonder what you have to say about that…

  19. Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen

    Hi Megan,

    I’m not sure about Pomeranians, but I think dobermans are dogs that say lots about their owners’ personalities….

    Dobermans are determined, fearless, and highly intelligent. They’re devoted and watchful — and very strong. If you like dobermans, then you have to share at least some of those qualities. At the very least, you admire those traits!

    If your favorite dog breed is a doberman, then you’re assertive enough to be able to discipline such a strong, protective dog. You’re loyal and affectionate, and people-oriented (an extrovert?).

    What do you think?


  20. I love Dobermans and Pomernainans. My house just dosen’t seem complet without one of each I would have nothing else. They each have so much character, and are always sassy (got to love it right). My doberman Marcus is also very cat like loves sun, always plays with his paws, and can never be dirty he is so funny. I was wondering what that said about me?

  21. “If your dog likes you, do not get a second opinion!” Your dog can like you unconditionally……. People can take a lesson here.

  22. Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen

    Thanks for your comments — it’s great to hear how close you are to your dogs! They really do add alot of love, fun, and comfort to our lives.

  23. We have dogs that were throwaways. How someone could throw Lucky and Precious away, I don’t understand. Lucky is our 12 year old Black Lab/Pit Bull mix and he is such a love. Precious is our 3 year old Black Lab/Border Collie mix. She lives up to her name. She really is precious. And, both Lucky and Precious have their very distinct personalities and are both wonderfully funny at times. Maybe we did not rescue them. THEY RESCUED US from a very mudane life! :)

  24. People don’t always pick their dogs because they are like them because many people have no idea what the breed is really about until they have one. I obtained my first Rottweiller by accident and now that my second one is eight years old, I would have nothing else. They are wonderful dogs who seem to pick one person to be his or her favorite. My dog is my camping partner(we often go to the wilderness with just the two of us and a gun, of course). He sleeps at the foot of my bed in the house and when we are camping, he demands that I go to bed when he is tired. We take care of each other.

  25. Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen

    Hi Karren,

    Wow – it sounds like you have your hands full with all those beloved pets! I wonder what that says about your personality traits? Perhaps that you’re loving, kind, welcoming, compassionate, and adventurous (for taking them on your trucking trips!).

    Thanks for sharing, you made my day :-)


  26. BY the way all 5 2 female dogs 2 male cats and 1 female cat co exist and get along with each other every day. They share my bed and sleep together on the floor or a chair . Too bad people couldn’t get along as well as thesse animals do. I consider them my second family of children. Or in this case my of family period.

  27. I have had many pets over the years. I personally have never purchased any, they seem o pick me. The 15 yr old cat came from a truck wash in Castaic, ca as a street kitten. His name is Kat Kat. Tiffany also 15yrs old is half Palmeranian and chihuaha. Got her at a truck stop in South Carolina from breeders who where afraid they would lose their license. She is an expensive breed now with a name. Chikita is a minnpinn whose owners abused her. she is I guess about 7 or 8. Sammy another cat about the same age came from a restaurant parking lot out of San Diego. Blue Eyes was abandenned by her owners who where evicted from a trailor court. She is a Burmese cat.All except Blue Eyes have traveled around the country while I was a truck driver. They now guard my bedridden mother who is a stroke victim and show their love affection and loyalty to us everyday

  28. Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen

    Interesting new research on how the 3 distinct ways people see and treat their dogs:

    Some dogs are revered or pampered, with fancy clothes and loads of affection; others work for a living. David Blouin, a cultural sociologist at Indiana University South Bend, said relationships between dogs and their owners generally fall into three distinct categories, with some bestowing more canine benefits than others.

    And while some dogs may live the high life, serving as surrogate children to their humans, their circumstances can change depending on their owner’s life course and experiences.

    Dog ownership attitudes fell into three categories: Humanist, where dogs were highly valued and considered close companions, like pseudo people; protectionists might be vegetarians and they greatly valued animals in general, not just as pets; dominionists saw animals as separate and less important than people, often using the dogs for hunting and pest control and requiring them to live outdoors.

    Blouin said the distinct orientations toward animals were informed by multiple, competing cultural logics as well as personal experiences, demographic characteristics and family structure. Rural dog owners were more likely to leave their pets outside, for example. Empty-nesters seemed to be the most attached to their pets.

    Blouin is presenting his findings at the annual meeting of the American Sociological Association.

  29. Shih Tzus are SO cute! They’re an ancient companion dog, originating in China.

    What does this type of dog say about your personality traits? First of all, did you know that “Shih Tzu” means lion — which means that despite their cute little appearance, they’re quite proud and not afraid to stand up for themselves.

    People who like Shih Tzus are usually friendly, alert, and trusting. As companion animals, Shih Tzus are outgoing, happy, and affectionate…and people who like Shih Tzus may have many of those personality traits, as well. Sweet and playful, too!

    If you own a Shih Tzu, does this represent you?

  30. Thanks! I think you are right on point. This is a fun page and I enjoy your posts. I am in school for Psychology and we like to compare and research things like this. I LOVE YOUR PAGE! By the way I feel terrible that I did not mention the Aussie’s name is Justice. :D Thanks again for such a prompt response.


  31. Well, Ann, one thing you and your doberman have in common is a high energy level — I could tell that right away from your comment! Maybe the reason you like dobermans so much is because you have similar intense, high energy levels.

    And, you and your doberman share the “conversational” personality trait! Like you said above, you could go on and on about Diablo — and he likes to talk, too. :-)

    Dobermans are determined, fearless, and highly intelligent. They’re devoted and watchful — and very strong. If you like dobermans, then you have to share at least some of those qualities. At the very least, you admire those traits!

    If your favorite dog breed is a doberman, then you’re assertive enough to be able to discipline such a strong, protective dog. You’re loyal and affectionate, and people-oriented (an extrovert?).

    An Australian Shepard is a herding dog — similar to a terrier (the traits are above). If that’s your husband’s favorite dog breed, then he might be determined, focused, and have a need to be active. Herding dogs (and perhaps your husband?) need to have something to do, a job to do. They’re also very intelligent.

    An interesting thing is that people might choose their favorite dogs based on traits they admire or wish they had — not those they actually do have. The authors of Dogology are approaching it from the “if you like those dog breeds, then these are your personality traits” angle….but I think it could get a little more complicated than that. It’s fun matching human personality traits with dog breeds, though!

    Thanks for being here — and have fun with Diablo and the shepard.


  32. I LOVE my doberman! I have had two of this breed and they have to be my fav.!! My Diablo is almost 8 years old now. He knows all basic commands and some special tricks too. He can speak on command and will howl with you. LOL! He knows how to “drop it”. Oh I could go on and on. So I was wondering what a doberman says about me. My husband just got a Australian Shepard and I am also curious about that.

    Ann :-D

  33. I recently came across your blog and have been reading alot of it. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don’t know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. I will keep visiting this blog very often!


  34. Yup, the basic point of Dogology is that our favorite types of dog breeds reflect our personalities and lifestyles.

    What’s your favorite dog?

    You got me on the Ben Williams question. There are several famous guys with that name (and American author, a British soccer player, etc) — I’m not sure who exactly “There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face.”

  35. So the basic point of this book is that we are drawn to living creatures that mesh with our lifestyles and personalities?

    Also, who is Ben Williams?

  36. Wow, thanks for answering the question I asked. You asked does it jive with me? Well, they are very smart (Thats me). The poddles are in the Bathroom at night being they don’t seem to be “outside” dogs, and I don’t want them out at night, being they are like my little son’s that I don’t have. I believed God for two of them being I didn’t want to separate one from the other. I never thought about them probably having other sis’ & bro’ until I actually found a lady that invited me to her “Beautiful” home in the “Kendall Hammocks” in South Miami, and their were 5′ in all. Lucky for me Two were her own, and one of the baby poddles where white with a spot around the white she wanted to keep that one. Shes spanish and thought that one fits her. So, anyway I walked in with my daughters and the two puppies came running to me. I absolutely Love them sooo much. I didn’t have the heart break of feeling like I was leaving one and taking the others. She had giving away all the pup’ she before I met her (God knows the desires of my heart~hes such a Good Husband to me). Anyway, they are in the Bathroom at night, and have a cute little bed that I got from WM that they Love. They jump in the Tub to use the bathroom (seeing my daughters use the bathroom has inspired them too,also LOL) They are very intelligent and Loves company. Your right! They have no favorites. Although they do think that I’m their mom. If I walk in a room and they see me they jumps up from whom ever their with and run to me. After I Love of them, they go back to who ever they were with. Who ever pays them the attention, gets the attention. They are put on the balcony alot during the day time, until the girls come from school. So, around a certain time they know they coming they work on the screen door (tore the screen up till I had to place a big card board their when their out of the balcony) and eventually gets in. They also, have made a whole at the bottom of the think card board putting their paw in it, then finally after alot of effort, pulling the card board out enough to give them a crack in-between the door post to get in the house. Wow! They are determined like me also! They are potty trainned yet, if allowed to be on the living room carpet they may go on it. I’m trainning them in small spaces for now. But, anyway back to the balconies screen door. Since they’ve torn the screen of the balcony door and the card board that I placed their to help keep them from getting through the now “Big” hole, they have learned to go on the side of the screen door and pull the rubber that made of the side of the screen door, in-order to pull the entire door (slide the door open) while the other puppy “Adolpho” works on knocking the New Card Board down….I believe me with persistance they get the Job done. I need to change the more “eager” poddles name to “persistance” instead of “Adonis”. I just wanted to tell you that you are so right about poddles. Oh, I also like to rest up after I ran errands for my self, family, house chores or Ministrying and cleaning the church. They fit me! I learned this from reading your comment to me, that they fit my “personality”. I’ve always wanted a poddle. Don’t quite know why. Are they house dogs? Do a dog ever know not to go in the house or on the carpet? I was told they are “Russian Poddles”. Are their such a breed? I checked it out on the internet, and found one thing. It showed some circus “Russian Poddles”. My poddles looks different from the normal breed. How do I know? Oh, why do one of the poddles I have get on top of the other one as if hes trying to mate with him? Is this normal behavior? They were outside playing with another pup (different breed of pup) and they both did this to the pup. It was a boy dog??? Do I have “Gay” pups. lol Is there an less inexpensive why to find out? Thanks so much for answering my comment. It really helped and I appreciate your time, that you’ve given me. God Bless You!

  37. Your comment about cats and dogs is hilarious :-)

    It reminds me of the old saying: “Dogs have masters. Cats have staff.”

    Thanks for commenting!

  38. What an interesting post! After reading the very first post, simply must share the difference between cats and dogs. When you have a dog and you love it and feed it and take care of it … they look at you and think “wow – you must be a god.” When you have a cat and you love it and feed it and take care of it … they look at you and think “wow – I must be a god.”!!
    Favourite dog breed huh? whoa – how to choose. Lab for certain and the descriptor is a good general fit. Thanks for sharing!

  39. Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen

    What does this dog say about your personality? If you’re drawn to poodles, you may be eager to please, people-oriented, and good with children. Poodles aren’t don’t become “one-person dogs” — rather, they tend to enjoy all family members. No favoritism for them!

    Poodles love to play fetch, but need lots of rest afterwards. Some dog experts say they’re one of the smartest types of dogs (according to Wikipedia, anyway).

    Does this jive with who you think you are? I’m curious!

  40. Sorry, Monica, for overlooking you. I hope you come back and read this!

    Great Danes are devoted and love being around people (even more than most dogs!). Of the list above, they’re most similar to Retrievers and Spaniels, which means your personality characteristics include fun-loving, social, easy-going, and positive. According to the Great Dane Club of America, they’re affection and gentle. If this is your favorite dog bree, does it match your personality traits?

    And, pugs…are you ready for this, Stephanie? Pugs are stubborn, starved for attention, and intelligent. According to i-love-pugs.com, they’re easy to train, charming, and love being in the spotlight! What do you think – does this dog breed match your personality? :-)

  41. I didn’t get any answer to my question about Nordic Breed Dogs.
    Sara and Laurie,
    My breed of choice and love of my life is American Eskimo Dog. What has Dogology have to say about me??

  42. It’s great to see you here, Sarah! (She’s the coauthor of the book Dogology). Thanks for your feedback – and for writing that doggy-licious book. Great fun to read, even for cat lovers like me :-) .

  43. Thank you Laurie PK for your message. GSD is a fantastic companial, loyal friend, protector and a goof ball at times. It’s all I’ve ever owned and I don’t see myself with any other breed in the future.

  44. I just saw this article on the news and I was wondering what my breed said about me. My baby is a purebred Chihuahua. Has anyone read this book and know? Just curious. Night all.

  45. Good question — and the answer is fascinating! If you like German Shepherds, you may have some amazing personality traits….

    The name “German Shepherd Dog” is a literal translation from the German “Deutscher Schäferhund” but the breed is commonly referred to as simply the German Shepherd or GSD. He is also commonly referred to as “Police Dog” due to the breed’s popularity in working as a police canine. In the United Kingdom, the breed was renamed to the “Alsatian Shepherd” or simply “Alsatian” after World War I, mainly due to anti-German sentiment and the fear that the original name would be a detriment to the breed. By 1930, the British Kennel Club authorised the German Shepherd name once again.

    The German Shepherd Dog is well known for his intelligence, traininability, devotion and loyalty. The breed is one of the most versatile, known as a family companion, Guide Dog, Police Dog, Search and Rescue Dog, Drug and Bomb Detection Dog, Herding Dog, and Tracking Dog to name a few. He is the working dog of choice by many agencies and, in North America, is one of the most popular breeds — Ranked 3rd most registered breed by the Canadian Kennel Club and 4th most registered breed by the American Kennel Club for 2005. With so many qualities, including courage, faithfullness, a high protective instinct, and a calm temparement, the German Shepherd is known to people all over the world as a companion, guardian, and friend.

    He has a distinct personality with a direct and fearless expression. He is self-confident and with a certain aloofness, he does not make immediate or indiscriminate friends. He is however approachable, quietly standing his ground. He should always appear self-confident and not display any signs of being timid or nervous. Any signs of a lack of confidence in the German Shepherd is not typical of the breed. The ideal Shepherd is a working dog with a reliable character that possesses a high degree of beauty and nobility.

    This is from Canada’s Guide to Dogs.com — and it makes me want to get a German Shepherd!

    The idea behind this book (Dogology; what your favorite dog breed reveals about your personality) is that the dog’s traits are similar to your own traits. So, if you like German Shepherds, you possess some pretty amazing characteristics :-)

  46. If you love mutts, I suspect you’re easygoing, natural, relaxed, and nonjudgmental……my favorite type of people!

    I’ve been a cat lover all my life, but am now — as I’m getting closer to 40 years old — I’m seeing how great dogs are. Now, what does THAT say about my personality? Switching from cat lover to dog lover midstream…..I think it means I’m becoming less uptight, less aloof, and less snobby :-)

    Not that cat lovers have those qualities – don’t get me wrong!