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What to Give Your Husband for Christmas – 9 Creative Gift Tips

creative christmas gifts for men

My husband, floating in the Dead Sea. It wasn’t a Christmas present, but it was fun! 🙂

These Christmas gift ideas for husbands are creative because they range from free passes to financial freedom. But, my favorite gifts for husbands are toys (and my husband definitely agrees!).

If your husband is a wine enthusiast, read 6 Christmas Gift Ideas for Wine Lovers. These creative Christmas gift tips don’t include alcohol or food…

“One use only” free pass

This is a fun stocking stuffer: give your husband a few “free passes” to use to get out of the dog house. For instance, if he forgets to meet you at the fruit and veggie market after you walked for 30 minutes to get there and you bought a gazillion bags of heavy produce, he can give you his free pass and you’ll stop being mad. Well, you may still be mad but you’ll swallow it because it’s a creative Christmas gift!

Remote flying helicopter

According to my husband, the best Christmas gift I’ve given him is a Remote Flying Helicopter. He played it out – literally – and is now asking for another one.

When you’re thinking about what to buy your husband for Christmas, be playful! Think of his inner boy; give him gifts that are fun, joyful, and light-hearted.

Leather wallet

One of the best Christmas gifts I thought I gave my husband was a leather wallet. I gave it to him four years ago, and he still loves it! I splurged and bought him an soft, durable, high-quality leather wallet that smells just as good now as it did the day I bought it. If you don’t know what to give your husband at Christmas, think about a simple-yet-classy wallet. It’s not creative, but it’ll do in a pinch.

But, I know my husband would much rather get a toy than a practical gift! What about yours?

Digitized family photos

Digitize your family pictures and put them on your husband’s computer for a Christmas surprise. And, give him a gift subscription to Ancestry.com, so he can research his family members. This isn’t the most creative Christmas gift for husbands, but he may really appreciate it! Our family photos aren’t organized, and I think my husband would appreciate it if I digitized and organized them.

This is a great gift for wives who want to spend less money at Christmas.

Card night just for your husband and his pals

Here’s a creative, inexpensive Christmas gift tip for husbands:

“Guys’ night in: Most men like to have a night set aside for their buddies, so why not give that as a gift? Pick up poker chips, new cards, a card shuffler and a dozen handmade coupons offering a free night per month just for the guys. Tell him you’ll order the pizza while you head out the door. He’ll love it and you’ll have an evening to yourself to enjoy as you’d like: alone in a movie theater with a huge bucket of popcorn, strolling the bookstore with a large latte or meeting up with your girlfriends at the cool new restaurant downtown. You win, he wins! ~ Gifts to Make You Both Happy This Year.

Point-of-view camera

If your husband likes to cycle, boat, or parachute, you should give him is a teeny camera to put on his helmet!

“An especially great gift for grads, point-of-view cameras have had a strong showing this year in electronic sales. Adrenaline junkies strap the small cams (which shoot in high-def) to their helmets, bikes or skateboards when zipping down hills or practicing sophisticated tricks. ìYou can film your crazy flips or epic wipeouts, play them back later and post them to YouTube or Facebook.” ~ Great Gifts for Dads and Grads.

Check out the GoPro HD Helmet HERO Camera on Amazon – it’s a great Christmas gift for husbands.

A dream car rental

If you can’t give your husband a new car for Christmas, why not rent him a car? For instance, DreamCarRentals.com is a premium rental service that has Lamborghini Gallardos, Ferrari Spiders, Shelby Cobras, and more. It’s an expensive gift (around $250 for a 5 hour drive), but it may be the gift your husband never stops talking about. This is one of those luxurious, playful Christmas gifts for husbands.

Xoom Android tablet

Here’s what one husband says about an Android tablet:

“I got my Xoom last Thursday as an ahead-of-time father’s day present from my wife and kids. I was actually saving for it but they surprised me. I love it and I know the market will expand xoon!!!” ~ Xoom forum.

The xoom is Motorola’s first Android touch tablet – it provides a whole new media experience for mobile users. With a dual core chipset, everything moves faster: web browsing, video playback, gaming. Native support for both front and rear cameras provides easy access to either one.

To learn more, check out the Motorola Xoom Android Tablet. I have a Samsung Galaxy tablet, and I love it. My husband uses it all the time, and I know he’d like his own for Christmas.

Financial freedom – an inespensive gift from wives to husbands at Christmas

“My wife said something that I’ll never forget.  She said, she didn’t care what ‘standard of living’ we might have… she just wanted me home more.  What? I thought it was my job to maintain that high standard of living!  All of the sudden, the weight of the world was lifted from my shoulders.  You see, my wife released me from an unattainable lifestyle.  She freed me from the rat race.  She opened the door to a whole new world and a whole new way of living.” ~ Best Father’s Day Gift Ever.

Is your husband a Baby Boomer or beyond? Read What to Get Your Husband for Christmas: Gifts for Older Guys by Tina Boomerina (Christina Gregoire).

And, as always, feel free to share ideas below 🙂

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