A Medical Intuitive Describes How Energy Healing Works

Learn what to expect from an energy healing session, from Medical Intuitive Susan Lee Woodward. She shares how her healing energy can affect your mind, body, and soul.

Medical Intuitive Susan Woodward

The late Wayne Dyer and Susan Woodward

However, you might find a session of energy healing more interesting if you didn’t learn what to expect. “The first time I went to a Reiki session, I purposely did not research it,” says Susan Lee Woodward, a Medical Intuitive and Reiki Practitioner. “I wanted to go in with no expectations of outcomes. That way I could have the experience with fresh, untainted eyes. That is how I approached my [Medical Intuition and Reiki] business. I leapt in with a wealth of business knowledge knowing that I would be successful. I used my intuition, of course!”

Here, Susan explains what to expect if you visit a Medical Intuitive. She describes how energy healing works and why she created her Reiki practice. “This work fills a deep spiritual need in me to honour and carry out what I was meant to be doing in this lifetime,” she says. “For my clients, it gives them answers to questions they have had for weeks, months or even lifetimes. Getting to the root cause of illness or dis-ease through energy healing can improve health, relationships (including the one people have with themselves), and shine a light of clarity on current life situations.”

Your questions on what to expect from an energy healing session are welcome below. Please do visit Susan’s website for more information about her and her practice.

From the Healing Hands of a Medical Intuitive

Susan Lee Woodward is a Medical Intuitive and Reiki Practitioner in Vancouver. She is also a writer and blogger. Below are my questions and her answers. At the end of this article, you’ll find links to her website and Facebook page.

What does a Medical Intuitive do?

Simply put, I enter your energy field and report what I see. I am an energy worker and healer, and have been honing and practicing this craft for close to two years.

I’ve had the “gift” of intuition since childhood. As a child I could clearly and accurately pick up the energy or character of people and animals and I could feel intuitively if someone was sick, ill at ease, joyful, in love etc. My experience with medical intuition shows that often an emotional component can have a key or strong role in current health issues – even if the event happened days, months or decades ago.

I am not unique or special; rather, I take the time when I do a scan to pay attention to the body. I track and source to root causes of dis-ease or dis-comfort. I report without censoring what I read in my mind’s eye. I do a full body scan by starting at the top of your head and scan to the tips of your toes, tracking, sourcing and meting out the root cause of anything out of alignment from health in the body.

How is energy healing possible?

Everything on the planet – from rocks, to plants, to people – has a unique electromagnetic energy field resonance. I tap into this unique personal space, which allows me to focus on and connect to the body. I can do this from anywhere in the world. It is quantum science where space and time become irrelevant to the task.

When people ask me, “How are ‘long-distance’ body scans and energy healing even possible?!”, I simply ask, “Do you have a cell phone?”

Every number that you have programmed into your phone has a unique frequency that will connect you to that person. It doesn’t matter if you are across the room or across the Atlantic, if you dial your brother in Timbuktu, you will get your brother. Your phone isn’t connected to anything. How is that possible? That unique frequency is at work.

An example of how energy healing works

Recall a fight you had with a close friend or family member a long time ago. Your heart begins to race, you get angry, you start to sweat, the beginning of a headache seeps in. These are all signs of body memory where emotions from the past are stuck like glue, causing you dis-ease. The body is reacting as if it is happening in present time, even though the event has long passed.

What is Energy Healing? A Medical Intuitive Reveals Her Practice

As a Medical Intuitive, I can uncover these “stuck” emotions and aid in your healing process. This is energy healing. Body memory can affect health from this life, past lives, genetically in your DNA from generations ago. It can also affect close relatives and friends that you love and care about. These ties that have emotional significance, either positive or negative, can have lasting effects on health that affect you spiritually, emotionally, physically or mentally.

A Medical Intuitive can shine a light on these issues that create dis-ease, so you can complement your healing journey by revealing the root cause.

What compelled you to become a Medical Intuitive?

I love what I do, it is my calling, and I want to share it with others. I went to a Medical Intuitive for a scan shortly after my granddaughter Madeline died of SIDS seven years ago. I was grieving, in pain and looking for answers.

This Medical Intuitive reawakened my sixth sense by exclaiming during the session how “psychic” I was. She said emphatically, “You know stuff!”

From then, I started researching how I would proceed with my new quest in life to honour and pursue this gift that I had buried and left unwrapped for most of my life.  I was always a “weird” kid because of this marked difference in the way I thought and processed information. Now, not only did I want to embrace it, but, I was going to share my weirdness with the world. Yes, I know stuff, yes, I am weird and I’m good with that! It’s who I am.

Doing this intuitive work as an energy healer is at the heart of my being. I can’t tell you how many people I meet on the streets, at the bus stop, or shopping. Complete strangers will tell me their most intimate secrets or life stories and open up. They trust me with a confidence that is remarkable. It’s the energy of the healer that resonates. They can see it in me, even if it is unconscious.

Who was involved in the startup of your energy healing practice?

I worked in the non-profit sector for 25 years and really just didn’t want to do that anymore. I knew I wanted to work on my own and for myself.  When I received an inheritance from my mothers’ estate, I took the plunge.

With my Medical Intuition Certificate under my belt, my Master Reiki practitioner credentials, and a Registered membership with the Canadian Reiki Association, I was ready to hang my sign. Once I made up my mind, there was no stopping me! I created my webpage, facebook business page, linkedin, etc. to reach as far and wide as possible on a shoestring budget.

Through all of this I had the loving support of my dear sweet friends, partner and some family members who were not opposed to the “woo woo” Medical Intuition and healing energy stuff I was now embracing. You really get to know who your supporters and nay-sayers are when taking that leap of faith into a new and exciting way of being.

 medical intuitive energy healing

Susan Lee Woodward, Medical Intuitive


Some people want you to stay right where you are so as not to make their world uncomfortable.  Others, light up when you are shining brightly, in such blissful comfort, moving forward and growing in life. My Medical Intuitive partners in crime, my children, my expert business advisors, and my Reiki contemporaries and wise teachers – thank you. I love you all to the moon and back.

Did anything surprise you about becoming a Medical Intuitive?

Yes, yes and yes! Building, maintaining, and growing a energy healing practice takes a LOT of hard work. I had no idea how much prep and administration was required to get it off the ground.

An interesting but not surprising sidebar of this Medical Intuition and Reiki practice is the raised eyebrows that inevitably show up.  What I practice is really quantum physics; science. Yes – science!  Electromagnetic energy is present in everything. I just tap into each unique resonance and report what I see.  Science and spirituality are one and the same. Natural laws like gravity, and divine expressions of the universe, which we have translated into mathematical formulas, are one and the same. It is just a matter of time before someone as smart as Einstein puts a formula to spiritual connection.

When I channel a relative that has passed, or can see into a heart and report on plaque building in a thinning and hardening artery, I am tapping into the divine source of the universe. Medical intuition and energy healing is another window to seeing in a different way.

What would surprise people to learn about Medical Intuitives?

I do not have my radar turned on to read people all the time. To conduct an intuitive body scan, I lower my brain waves and go into a meditative state.  I can’t read your mind, and I rarely see auras. I have a head for business AND intuition. My education is political science and economics.

I had a stroke two years ago, and had a Medical Intuitive reading by Dr. Mona Lisa Schulz who is also a board certified psychiatrist. She is a mentor and teacher of mine. The healing process of my stroke changed the brain neuro-pathways, consequently opening new receptors. I am now MORE intuitive than before I had my stroke. Neuroplasticity has provided me with a gift to continue to do my work better than before, even though I slur my speech sometimes, or still lose my balance in yoga.  A stroke of luck!

To learn more, visit Susan Woodward’s Medical Intuitive Scans | Reiki website, or connect with her on her Facebook page.



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