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10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Dads Who Love Food and Beer

gift tips for dads at christmas

Mmmmm…..beer…..Homer Simpson would say it’s the perfect Christmas gift for dads…

These 10 gift ideas for dad at Christmas are all about grilling (or bbq-ing, if you’re Canadian), smoking meat, drinking beer, and fishing.

If your dad loves food and beer, then you’ll find the perfect Christmas gift for him here…

Beer making kit

“While a six pack would be appreciated and used right away…even better would be a beer making kit. Most guys dream of making their own beer, sharing it with their buddies and if it’s really good, or even not so good, they have dreams of starting their own micro brewery in the garage. If the beer kit comes from the wife that’s a green light to turning the garage into a brewery. Which is pretty much like turning the garage into Heaven.” – from the Top 5 Best Father Day Gifts…Ever.

But don’t just buy any old beer making kit for your dad at Christmas! Check out the Mr. Beer Premium Gold Edition Home Brew Kit on Amazon.

Choice cuts of meat

My husband loves prime rib, and would probably die of happiness if I gave him Kobe beef for Christmas. Choice cuts of meat obviously aren’t great Christmas gift ideas for vegetarians, but dads who love food would love you for this.

Why? Because…

“Most men associate the chance to dine on high-quality meat as a luxury only provided by restaurants. There are some excellent mail-order meat establishments such as Omaha Steaks or Prime Chops that can deliver the same level of quality for your dad to use in his own special recipes to make grilling at home that much more of an experience. Why? Every dad thinks he holds the secret to the best grilling tricks on earth. Working with top quality ingredients will just add to his sense of confidence that his cooking is the best the next time he’s called into action for guests or the family — for men, confidence is everything.” ~ Top 10 Gifts for Father’s Day.

Tool belt for grilling or BBQing

I’m not 100% convinced my dad would like a grilling tool belt as a Christmas gift, but then again he doesn’t grill very much. My husband, on the other hand, bbq’s almost every meal! But even so, I can’t see him wearing a Barbecue Tool Belt.

However, other guys say it’s a great gift for dads…

“The grill, like a man’s office, is a personal sanctuary where mastery means everything. Your dad may not realize just how many useful tools exist now to help make the grilling experience that much better, so providing him with the original Grillslinger BBQ Tool Belt or Outset Rosewood and Stainless Steel Turner Tongs will both educate and impress him. Why? Taking the time to upgrade dad’s grill equipment will give him even more joy out of the primal experience of cooking meat over an open flame. It’ll also translate to better meals for you when you drop in on his next barbecue.” ~ from Top 10 Gifts for Father’s Day.

If you don’t have time to shop for a gift for your dad, read Last Minute Christmas Gifts – Supermarkets and Gas Stations.

Alcohol…the good stuff

A fantastic Christmas gift idea for dads who like liquor is scotch. My husband also likes Bailey’s Irish Cream in his coffee on lazy Sunday mornings (or Christmas morning!).

“Sometimes nothing can take the edge off of a day of stress and work like a nice stiff drink. Buy your dad top-shelf booze like a bottle of Johnny Walker Blue Label, or more affordable Bombay Sapphire, and you’ll give him a gift he can enjoy and appreciate with you on Father’s Day. Why? It may be less permanent, but nice liquor is a luxury he’s unlikely to give himself. Good quality liquor is also good to have around for when he’s having a few buddies over, and he’ll think of you even when you can’t make it.” ~ from Top 10 Gifts for Father’s Day.

Electric Smoker

Does your dad like to eat smoked meat? A fantastic Christmas gift idea is an electric smoker!

“For many years, I’ve used my Smokin Tex electric smoker to prepare everything from venison jerky to pork chops for the evening meal. Smoking meats with these smokers is a fool proof way of cooking. The principle is simple: Small amounts of wood is placed in the smoke box which slides over the heating element, meat is placed on the racks, the door closed, thermostat set to the desired temperature and the smoker does all the work! I cook large cuts of meat such as briskets or pork shoulders all night and wake up to the most tender, flavorful BBQ one can imagine.” ~ Outdoor Gifts for Good ‘Ol Dad.

The Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker is the top selling electric smoker on Amazon. It’s a perfect Christmas gift idea for dads who love food and beer, because they can drink beer while they wait for the food to smoke.

Hip Flask

Whisky-loving dads out there the Personalised Whisky with Engraved Hipflask is a wonderful gift. The single malt Scotch is something your father can enjoy instantly, while the hipflask is a lasting reminder that can be engraved with a message of your choice.

Jack Daniel’s 6-Ounce Flask Christmas gift set comes with funnels to make the pourin’ and sippin’ easier.


“For freezing fish or game or, just about anything else. I’ve been using my Zip-Vac for the past few months and have found a new way to freeze fish. Rather than freezing fillets in water, which takes up a tremendous amount of freezer space, I now use my Zip-Vac vacuum pump to remove the air from the triple wall freezer bags. Battery powered pumps (which recharge via a wall power outlet) and hand operated pumps are available. I’ve found both to work very well. ” ~ Outdoor Gifts for Good ‘Ol Dad.

Jamie Purviance’s Grilling Cookbook

If your dad loves to bbq, give him a cookbook for Christmas. It’s a gift idea your mom will be happy about, too.

“It’s the time of the year for Dad to go out and immolate his paycheck, turning succulent pieces of meat and crunchy fresh veggies into hockey pucks and piles of ash. With Father’s Day coming up on June 21, it’s also time for you to up his game. Buy him a good book on grilling and barbecue.” ~ Give Dad the Gift That Gives Back to You: A Grilling Cookbook.

Kayak, canoe, or inflatable boat

My father-in-law gave us his old zodiac (inflatable boat), and what a blast we have! It’s changed how we spend our weekends now; we go boating all the time. We’re thinking about buying an actual speedboat – being out on the water is that much fun. Of course, it helps to live in a coastal city like Vancouver, BC. But even if you live inland, there are probably lots of lakes to explore.
If your 40 year old enjoys fishing, boating, exploring different lakes, or just floating on the water with a nice cold one, think about a Zodiac Zoom 350S with a Wood Floor and Inflatable Keel. They just deflate and fit into a small container that a man can carry by himself.

Since they’re a bit pricey – from $800 to $1,800 – a zodiac would be good Christmas gift that everyone chips in to buy for dad.

It just occurred to me that these are all good Christmas gifts for people who don’t have a good relationship with their dads. They’re not personal Christmas gifts, but they are thoughtful.

What do you think – what was the best Christmas gift you’ve ever given your dad?

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