7 Ways to Tell If Your Husband is Cheating on You

“Is my husband cheating on me?” is a question I’m often asked. So, you’re not alone if you’re wondering the same thing!

Recently, on my 10 Ways to Improve a Bad Relationship article, a reader asked for ways to tell if her husband is cheating on her. I rounded up a few tips to spot cheating spouses – which might help you save your marriage.

“You can’t change what you don’t acknowledge,” says Dr Phil. The sooner you and your husband uncover an affair, the sooner you can figure out if you should leave or learn ways to survive an affair and rebuild your marriage.

For more ways to tell if your husband is cheating, read 28 Tell-Tale Signs of a Cheating Spouse.

And, here are several signs your husband is having an affair…

7 Ways to Tell If Your Husband is Cheating on You

1. Trust your gut: if you suspect your husband is having an affair, he probably is. Generally speaking – in most cases – if a wife suspects her husband is having an affair, then he probably is cheating. Why? Because she’s picking up on the cues and clues that reveal his behaviors and actions.

2. Examine the reasons you think your husband is cheating. Is he working or staying out late, getting secret phone calls, or talking about a certain person all the time? I don’t know what makes my reader suspect her husband is cheating, but I think it’s important to look at those suspicions and determine if they’re valid. For instance, if she thinks her husband is cheating because her previous marriage ended due to an affair, then she may be ultra-sensitive to possible betrayal. Sometimes we’re suspicious of people because of our own past experiences.

Read Why Men Cheat on Women – Insights From a Marriage Counselor to learn more.

3. Ask your husband if he’s having an affair. He may deny it and you may be afraid to bring it up because of the effect it’ll have on your marriage, but the sooner you talk about it, the better. Describe why you think he’s cheating on you, and ask him outright if he’s cheating. And, don’t forget that physical infidelity is only one type of affair – read 6 Signs of Emotional Cheating for more info.

4. Examine your marriage relationship. Are you physically and emotionally intimate? Do you communicate with your husband? Is he indifferent to family events or activities, such as anniversaries, birthdays, or holidays? Is he more secretive? Those signs may indicate that your husband is cheating on you.


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If you’re thinking about ending your marriage, you might find How to Leave Your Husband helpful.

And if you have any thoughts about cheating husbands, please comment below…

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  1. I’m thinking of sharing this article with a buddy of mine since he thinks his wife might be cheating on him. I particularly like how you mentioned that you should be trusting your gut on this. Part of me wants to suggest that he hire a private investigator to determine the truth.