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8 Types of Plastic Surgery for Women

Here’s a summary of eight different types of plastic surgery for women, from tummy tucks to dermabrasion. I’ve also included interesting facts about cosmetic surgery from a doctor.

types of plastic surgery for womenFor instance, did you know that in large doses, Botox is a toxin that can cause botulism? That’s from Dr. Nieca Goldberg’s Complete Guide to Women’s Health – which describes several benefits and possible drawbacks of different types of plastic surgery for women.

If you don’t feel pretty, read What I Do When I Feel Ugly. Plastic surgery won’t make you feel beautiful if you feel ugly on the inside. I really was intrigued by the chapter on plastic surgery: Dr Goldberg doesn’t just explain the procedures, she offers the pros and cons of various cosmetic surgeries. She also describes a surgery she had done on her own body. She had  a rhinoplasty (nose job) – and she tells how it was botched!

Plastic surgery isn’t for everyone. Here’s what Hollywood actress Kate Winslet says: “Plastic surgery and breast implants are fine for people who want that, if it makes them feel better about who they are. But, it makes these people, actors especially, fantasy figures for a fantasy world.”

If you’re thinking about getting plastic surgery, read The Smart Woman’s Guide to Plastic Surgery. It’ll help you figure out if you’re getting surgery for the right reasons.

And here is some basic information – and some complications – of several different types of plastic surgery for women.

Types of Plastic Surgery for Women

Should you have plastic surgery? Here’s what Dr Goldberg says:

“It’s good to have options and as long as we make informed choices and have reasonable expectations about what plastic surgery can accomplish, I am in favor of it. But not everyone is a good candidate for plastic surgery for physical, emotional, or psychological reasons.”

One reason to avoid any type of plastic surgery is if you struggle with body image issues. Here’s an article about being addicted to cosmetic surgery, based on an interview with a plastic surgeon.

Breast Augmentation

After liposuction, breast augmentations are the second most commonly performed cosmetic surgical procedure. Plastic surgeons enlarge breasts by surgically implanting an implant. Dr Goldberg warns of the risks to breast augmentation: leaky or ruptured implants, infection, pain, loss of feeling, scar tissue, and other medical problems such as problems with getting ultrasounds or mammograms.

Collagen Treatments

“Collagen treatments use fat (either from a cow or from you) or synthetic fillers to plump up facial wrinkles,” writes Dr Goldberg. “Collagen injections are supposed to replenish the skin’s lost collagen and give you a younger-looking face.” Risks are allergic reactions and swelling.


A wheel or rough brush removes the upper layers of skin, revealing “new” skin with a smooth appearance and less noticeable wrinkles. Infection, scarring, and skin discoloration are possible complications of this type of plastic surgery.

Eyelid Surgery

This cosmetic procedure lifts droopy eyelids and removes excess bags from under the eyes. Complications from eyelid surgery can include infection, blurry vision, dry eyes, and eyelid skin discoloration – but these complications are rare.

Tummy Tuck

Types of Plastic Surgery for Women

8 Types of Plastic Surgery for Women

“A tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, removes excess fat and skin from the abdomen,” writes Dr Goldberg. “Many women who have tummy tucks have had multiple pregnancies and hope to tighten their loose muscles and flabby skin.” If you’re planning to get pregnant, Dr Goldberg doesn’t recommend tummy tucks. Complications of this type of plastic surgery include fatigue, numbness, and pain.


This cosmetic procedure reshapes the nose; complications can include weakened sense of smell, trouble breathing, or nosebleeds. A nose job may be covered by insurance if you have breathing problems that can be resolved by the procedure.

Lip Augmentation

“Lip augmentation plumps up the lips, making them larger, by injecting them with collagen,” writes Dr Goldberg. “These substances get absorbed by the body over time, and so eventually the procedure has to be repeated.” Complications of this type of plastic surgery include allergic reactions, scarring, or possible nerve damage.


In this type of plastic surgery, a vacuum device removes fat from the stomach, buttocks, highs things, and upper arms. “If you have lots of cellulite, liposuction can make it appear worse,” says Dr Goldberg. “Older women, who have skin that is not as elastic as it was, may not reap the advantages of the procedure.” Complications include baggy skin, fluid retention, infection, and pain.

Not interested in plastic surgery after all? Read A Facelift Without Surgery? Yes, You Can Have Ageless Skin!

If you have any thoughts on these types of plastic surgery for women, please comment below…


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15 thoughts on “8 Types of Plastic Surgery for Women”

  1. Recently I read in a book about divorce that women should consider plastic surgery as a way of moving on from a past relationship. I don’t think plastic surgery is a healthy way to cope with the breakdown of a marriage, nor do I think it’s a good way to try to raise your self-esteem or self-confidence.

    I wrote this article long before I came up with the “Blossom” concept. I don’t want to delete these this information on the types of plastic surgery for women, but I don’t believe Botox or rhinoplasty or liposuction are ways to flourish in life.

  2. Thank you for sharing this excellent summary of different types of plastic surgery for women. This is really helpful to all know what are the surgeries are available.

  3. This is a very informative article which will help every women gain knowledge about the things associated with different type of plastic surgery procedures. This just goes to show that there are complications with every type of medical surgery, people who look like they are considering any of these procedures should read this article thoroughly and do some research on their own.

  4. Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen

    Thanks for your comments about plastic surgery for women!

    Leticia, I’m afraid I can’t recommend good surgeons in Georgia. You could start by doing an internet search for plastic surgery in your state, and trying to contact patients of the plastic surgeons you find.

  5. Cosmetic surgery has been popular with women even men who want to improve their appearance. Though not everyone can spare the money needed for such procedures, there are economical places to have it done without compromising the results and safety.

  6. I think that the results would be good for the cosmetic surgery rhinoplasty. providing that you have a good doctor. A lot of people seem to want things to be cheaper. But since cosmetic surgery is an elective surgery it will always be costly.

  7. i think the difference between the woman before than now is the complete open mindset pertaining to cosmetic surgery.and definitely not ashamed to flaunt the result of the operation.

  8. More and more Women are now more open to breast implants as an answer to their need to improve their size. This is not surprising since the definition of beauty changes over time brought by media and other environmental factors.

  9. Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen

    I missed your question, Mary, sorry! But, I don’t know of any surgeons who do plastic surgery. The best way to find a plastic surgeon is through word of mouth — try to talk to people who’ve had it. I know this is tough, since women don’t often go around talking about their plastic surgery, but it’s a great way to find doctor.

    Ultrasounds, I think you’re asking a rhetorical question! Nope, I don’t think implants should be a run of the mill surgery….I wish women would accept and be happy with their bodies as they are.

  10. Thank you for sharing, I think this is information that a lot of women need to read about. I agree that one day, breast implants will be a “run of the mill” surgery but I supposed the question is, “should it be?”

  11. I have a large PUBA that needs surgery. Can you give me a surgeon’s name in the Memphis, TN area that does this procedure.
    Also can other things be done at the same time to save on operating room cost such as lap bands for wt loss.

  12. Newton Square Pennsylvania Plastic Surgeon

    Thanks for giving details on the types of plastic surgeries available for women. Going in for a consultation with a plastic surgeon may aid in advising which ones would enhance one’s look or repair disfigurements.

  13. Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen

    Hi Leticia,

    The best way to find good doctors is by talking to people who have been to specific plastic surgeons in Savannah. I suggest searching for “doctor ratings” online, and looking for the ratings of various plastic surgeons in your area. Angie’s List is another good way to find doctors in your area.

    Also, talk to your GP or family doctor. Perhaps he or she can help you find the right plastic surgeon…or other ways to remove your problem spot!

    Good luck,

  14. My question is how safe is a Fully Upper Pelvic area surgery or FUPA that removes extra skin. I ask this because when I putt pants on sometimes you can see that it splits and it is bulgy. Can you help me and recommend some good doctors? In Savannah Georgia thank you