Easy Ways to Save Money on Your Summer Vacation

How Will You Save Money This Summer?

Don’t let money stop you from enjoying your summer holidays! These tips will help you enjoy summer without spending a lot of cash – and I’ve included a few tips for breaking the summer boredom blues.

Before the tips, a quip:

“You don’t need to spend a lot of money to have a vacation….enjoy the simple things in life,” said Catherine Pulsifer.

To both enjoy the simple things in life AND have a great summer vacation, check out these tips for saving money on your summer vacation are from Ethan Ewing, the president of Bills.com.

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6 Tips for Saving on Money on Your Summer Vacation

I published this article three years ago, and am looking for better ways to save money on summer vacations. If you have any ideas or tips for me, please comment below! These tips aren’t exactly the most exciting ones, and I’d love to re-write this article with better money saving tips for summer vacations.

1. Take a “staycation.” Staying home eliminates hotel costs, and can be rejuvenating. Visit tourist sites in your hometown that you have never seen, eat at a restaurant you always wanted to try, or order in. For ideas in various locales, order state tourist information or search online for frugal activities in your town.

Don’t forget how appealing a staycation can be.

2. Spend your summer vacation in a city – even New York City is less expensive than going to Hawaii! To save money on your summer vacation, use public transportation instead of a car rental. Using airport shuttles or public transit can help you avert the need to hire a taxi.

3. Drink water. Bring your own water bottle to save resources and money (call attractions first to make sure they permit bringing a bottle in). Refrain from ordering soda or, especially, alcoholic beverages at every meal to save money and calories. This money saving tip isn’t exactly show stopping, but those pennies, nickels, and dimes really add up.

4. Walk. The best way to see a new place is to experience it on foot! Wear comfortable shoes and take a walking tour or just explore. This is great exercise — and it’ll help you save money on your summer vacation. This isn’t the best tip for saving money this summer…but if you get a dog, walking will definitely be more fun and interesting.

5. Consider all-inclusive resort. Sometimes, all-inclusive vacations offer great values, from a cruise to a resort to a dude ranch. Look at the costs of meals, beverages and excursions to decide if an offer is a good deal.

(Though I really think a staycation is the best way to save money on your summer vacation. Even if you eat and drink your money’s worth at an all-inclusive resort, it’s still a more expensive way to spend the summer than staying at home). You definitely don’t want to take a long summer road trip. In Vancouver, the gas prices are almost $2 a litre. Who can afford to take a road trip?

6. Camp out. To save money on your summer vacation, consider bringing your own roof! Campgrounds are available near amusement parks, beaches and scenic areas. Expand your definition of “camping” to include RVs, rustic cabins and even yurts. “Rough it” so you can splurge on an activity, from a simple hike to a wild ride at an amusement park.

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And if you have any tips for saving money on a summer vacation, please share below!

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