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How to Enjoy Your Money – Tips for Penny Pinchers

I’m not just a penny pincher – I hate spending money! I’m tired of being frugal, so I collected tips for enjoying money for savers and penny pinchers — people like me.

Are you too cheap to enjoy your money? Instead of treating yourself, do you hold on to every penny with both fists?

“The truth is, I need a budget to help me spend money, not save it,” says L. on Setting Money Goals – 6 Tips for Saving $500 a Month. “I’m too frugal and don’t enjoy my money very much. I need to spend more – that’s my money goal, believe it or not. Life is too short to waste on depriving yourself of stuff you CAN afford.”

Here’s another truth to chew on: I’m the biggest penny pincher in the world! I go beyond frugality and smart money management to being tight fisted and cheap. It’s not a fun way to live – I have to force myself to buy fun things that I can afford.

If you’re the same way, I encourage you to purchase something unnecessary and fun, such as an All-In-One Wireless Music Player. I bought one for my husband for Christmas, and absolutely love it. Another fun indulgence is a Kindle 3G + Wi-Fi. It’s the most Gifted, Most Wished for, and Bestselling electronic toy on Amazon. Why not treat yourself to something like that?

And, check out these tips for penny pinchers who want to stop being so cheap…

Figure out why you’re so tightfisted, frugal, cheap

When faced with personal or emotional problems (which I think extreme frugality is), it often helps to dig up the root of the problem. I know I’m a penny pincher (not just a saver) because we grew up poor. We had to go to the food bank for groceries, we were on welfare for most of my childhood, and we even slept outside sometimes. Poor, poor, poor! Though the truth is that we were only relatively poor. If you compare our lifestyle to a person living in a third world country, we were very comfortable.

The point is that I’m too cheap to enjoy my money because I’m scared of not having enough money. That helped me loosen the purse strings a little and start enjoying spending money.

If you’re scared to spend money because finances are tight, read Money and the Law of Attraction – 4 Ways to Attract Wealth.

Give yourself $25 a week to spend on indulgences

This was my best way to stop being too cheap to enjoy my money! I created a budget – not to save money, but to give myself permission to spend money. After taking a look at my income and expenditures, I realized that I do have enough money not only to live off of, but to enjoy the occasional indulgence.

You don’t need to limit yourself to spending $25 a week. Depending on your income, you can spend as much or as little as you like. The first tip for enjoying your money is to realize that you don’t have to be a penny pincher.

Spend your money on stuff that makes you feel good

If I’m giving myself $25 a week to enjoy, then I want to buy stuff that I value and appreciate. That’s where items like the Kindle, an iPad, or a new laptop come in handy. I’d save money for a few weeks to buy things like that – stuff I really want.

Don’t just spend your money on junk – especially if you’re a penny pincher who has to force herself to spend money! That’ll make you feel worse, and then you’ll have to deal with the clutter issue. If you don’t want to spend your weekly allowance on stuff, then save for a big ticket item, such as a trip toHawaiior a new TV.

Remember that you can’t take your money with you

What’s that quip about not being able to take money with you when you die? Well, that’s a great tip for miserly people who can’t enjoy their money! What’s the point of scrimping and saving and denying yourself anything good? Even giving money to your kids isn’t the best way to enjoy your money. Let them earn their own money…and focus on enjoying the money you work so hard to earn.

For more money tips, read How Good Debt Helps You Achieve Your Financial Goals.

What do you think about these tips for misers who are too cheap to enjoy their money? Got any tips for people like me? Comments welcome below…


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2 thoughts on “How to Enjoy Your Money – Tips for Penny Pinchers”

  1. Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen

    What a great question, Sharon! Give me a couple days to write the article, and I’ll post the link here.

    If you’re a reader who has tips for enjoying your money when you’re married to a penny pincher, I’d love to hear from you… :-)

  2. What about when your husband is a penny pincher? He won’t spend a dime on new clothes (which he desperately needs), much less enjoy spending money! I don’t want to spend all the money we make, but I don’t want to live in poverty either. How do we meet in the middle?