5 Tips for Asking for a Raise

Negotiating a raise will help you achieve your career goals, and possibly improve your boss’s perception of you! These tips on successfully asking for a raise can also help you figure out your own job performance.

“A lot of women have difficulty asking for raises,” writes Jennifer Barrett in The Smart Cookies’ Guide to Making More Dough. “Maybe we’re worried about ‘rocking the boat’ and causing resentment among colleagues or tension with our boss.”

For more great tips on achieving your financial goals, read The Smart Cookies’ Guide to Making More Dough and Getting Out of Debt, compiled by Jennifer Barrett. And, read on for tips on asking for a raise and achieving your career goals…

5 Tips for Asking for a Raise

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How to Ask for a Raise at Work With Confidence

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Have you ever asked for a raise – and did you get it? Share your tips below – you’ve got info we can learn from!

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