5 Tips From Women Who Are Happy With the Way Their Bodies Look

If you want to be happy with the way your body looks, you need to learn from real women who love their bodies! These tips are from This is Who I Am: Our Beauty in All Shapes and Sizes by Roseanne Olson.

This Is Who I Am: Our Beauty in All Shapes and Sizes is a collection of black and white photographs of women, age 19 to 95. It’s one of the most inspiring, uplifting books I’ve ever read about improving a woman’s body confidence and self-esteem. This book will change how you feel about your body.

Here’s what actress Kate Winslet said about This is Who I Am: “An absolutely wonderful book. Every woman needs to see it! It has made me feel inspired, exhilarated, normal and beautiful!”

And Maya Angelou’s poem “Phenomenal Women” is included at the end: “Pretty women wonder where my secret lies. Her wisdom, beauty, and allure is in the arch of her back and the click of her heels – which is where your beauty is, too.”

That’s the lesson of This is Who I Am. Accepting yourself as you are – stretch marks, pimples, varicose veins, and all – makes you more beautiful than all the air-brushing and make-up artists in the world could ever do.

Tips From Women Who Are Happy With Their Bodies

I have to admit, at first I felt a little weird to be looking at the female bodies in This is Who I Am: Our Beauty in All Shapes and Sizes. Saggy bodies, firm bodies, big bodies, little bodies, tattoo’d bodies, and wrinkly bodies – these women represent All Women.

Only one thing is constant: they all had the confidence to reveal their private and public selves.

If you want to increase your body confidence and be happy with the way your body looks, check out these quotations from healthy, imperfect women who are honest, self-accepting, vulnerable – and oh so beautiful.

How the media, advertising, and your culture affects your self-image

“I believe the advertising industry has done more to damage women’s self-concepts, happiness, and body image than almost anything else, including pornography and parental and peer influence.” – Silja, 35.

“I see the intense pressure in our culture to be beautiful and sexy and thin, and I see so many women and girls who reject their bodies because they don’t fit this mold. Try to remember that all of that is illusion. It doesn’t define you.” – Shonagh, 42.

“Don’t get all caught up in the media hype or what society tells you is beautiful. Beauty comes in all colors, shapes, and sizes; you have to feel it inside first. Be proud of your heritage and who you are.” – Donna, 39.

Learn how to shimmer when you feel sad

“My Guatemalan girlfriend who is like an auntie told me that whenever I feel blue, I must look at myself in the mirror, throw back my shoulders, lift my heart and breasts high, and shimmer! This usually makes me laugh out loud, even if I’m on the verge of tears.” – Raechel, 38.

If you’re not happy with the way your body looks, read 8 Things You Never Knew About Being a Beautiful Woman.

Treat yourself kindly – and open your heart

“When I go out without my wig, all people see is my bald head, and it scares them…Luckily, I’ve found that the more I open my heart to other people, the easier maintaining my weight and adapting to being bald becomes. We all have something. Mine’s just more obvious.” – Michelle, 58.

“I have learned to treat myself more kindly.” – Gretchen, 42.

Honor the way your body looks – because you’re a SURVIVOR

“I loathe myself. I’m a survivor of incest. When you’re a child and are taken advantage of in that way, you end up hating yourself, blaming yourself for what happened, even though you couldn’t do otherwise…I struggle with who I am inside.” – Candace, 52.

“I used to wear eye patches to cover the black eyes. I never honored myself enough to protect my own body. Now as a survivor I’ve put this behind me and am learning how to make sure it will never happen again.” – Faye, 38.

Make peace with yourself

“Though my body’s not perfect, I’m now at peace with it.” – Joann, 31.

“Now that I’m older, it is amazing the confidence that I have, the friends that I have, the love that I feel for people and myself. I don’t let things bother me, and I don’t care what people think about me anymore. If I lose weight, it’s only for me and no one else. I just love being me.” – June, 40.

For a few natural beauty tips, read How to Look Beautiful Without Makeup.

Are you happy with the way your body looks? Comments welcome below…


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