7 Money Saving Tips for Extroverted Personalities (Party Animals!)

Extroverts love to party – and are less likely to save money than introverts. These money saving tips for extroverted personality types will help them save more money, spend less money, and still enjoy life!

Before the tips, a quip:

“A quiet personality sure isn’t what you need to attract attention,” said Bill Budge.

Nope – but luckily, extroverted personalities love to attract attention, and they do it naturally. If you’re an extrovert – or you’re in love with one – read Spirituality for Extroverts: and Tips for Those Who Love Them by Nancy Reeves.

And, here are few ways to save money for party animals…

7 Money Saving Tips for People Who Love to Party – Extroverts!

1. Figure out how much you spend. Extroverts tend to socialize more than introverts, which means they may spend more money on dinners out, parties, weddings, anniversaries, and celebrations of nothing at all! To attract more money into your life, track your spending habits for one or two months.

2. Calculate how much you want to save. Do you need $25,000 for a down payment for a house, or $500 for a new iPhone? Break your expenses and income into a budget that will allow you to save a certain amount of money per month. Stick to your budget by talking to your friends about your goals on the phone, instead of spending money together! Make sure you surround yourself with friends who support you.

3. Overestimate your expenses. To achieve your financial goals, underestimate your monthly or weekly income, and overestimate how much it’ll cost to pay your bills or host that absolutely necessary party. Don’t spend the money that’s left over: invest it in a money market, retirement plan, mutual funds, or the stock market

For investment tips, read Tips for Picking and Investing in Stocks.

4. Head for the Great Outdoors. This tip for saving money for extroverts also helps you get stay fit and healthy! Instead of meeting your friends and socializing in restaurants, coffee shops, or bars, invite your friends out for a walk in the park. If you’re lucky enough to live near a seawall or forest trail, ask your friends to go roller blading or hiking.

5. Host “Spend Less, Save More” parties. Since extroverts love to party, this tip for saving money for allows enjoyment of the best of both worlds! A “Spend Less, Save More” party involves asking guests to bring a dish to share (if it’s a dinner party), something to drink, and a tip for saving money. Not only will this party cost less than a traditional party…it’ll give you new ideas for saving more money.

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6. Avoid window shopping. Extroverts may enjoy shopping as much as socializing (if you disagree, set me straight in the comments section below!)…and window shopping can cost lots of money. To spend time with friends and save money, avoid the malls, stores, and Home Shopping channels.

7. Share your home. This is another “best of both worlds” tip: move in with roommates or housemates to reduce living costs and get your socializing fix at the same time. I once lived with five people, and found that I never needed to leave the house to socialize! There was always someone around…and my rent and bills were incredibly inexpensive.

For more money saving tips, read 10 Tips for Achieving Financial Goals – Beyond “Use Cash”.

Do you have any tips for saving money for extroverts? Comments welcome below…

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