How to Find a Washing Machine Repairman

Learn how to find a washing machine repairman and make sure his (or her) work will be good. Here’s my experience getting a Whirlpool washer fixed, to help you protect yourself from a bad repair job.

How to Find a Washing Machine RepairmanThe washer door seal on my Whirlpool washing machine popped out, and my husband was out of town at the time. I didn’t even think of looking on Amazon for a Whirlpool washer door seal, but voila! Amazon sells the Whirlpool Washing Machine / Washer Door Seal for $65.

I paid my washing machine repairman exactly twice as much for the same seal: $128. Plus $120 to install the washer seal, which took him less than 15 minutes. I’m 100% sure my husband could have done the Whirlpool repair himself, but I wasn’t willing to wait.

A broken down washing machine or dishwasher is so annoying, stressful, and even anxiety-provoking! You have to rely on strange repairmen to help you, and you feel vulnerable with repair people in your own home. A broken appliance derails your plans for the day or week, intrudes on your work time, and throws your household budget out of balance. It’s a pain – even when you’re filled with gratitude for washing machines and dishwashers.

How to Find a Washing Machine Repairman

Here are a few tips on how to find a good washing machine repairman – whether you have a Whirlpool, Maytag, or NoName brand. Then, I share a few ideas for protecting yourself from bad repairmen. Those last few tips are especially important for women living alone, elderly people, and people with mental or emotional health issues.

Take your time finding a repair person

The problem with getting a home appliance repaired – whether it’s a Whirlpool washing machine, a Maytag dishwasher, or even a Samsung microwave oven – is that we feel pressured to do it right away. Who wants to let their dirty clothes pile up, or cook by stove? But, before you rush into finding a washing machine repairman, ask yourself if you can give yourself the gift of time. Take at least a week to research and find Whirlpool repair information on the internet, and even ask friends or neighbors if they can fix something like a washer door seal for you.

Find a community Facebook page or online forum

I searched the internet for “Whirlpool washing machine repair”, but I wanted more than internet search results.

How to Find a Washing Machine Repairman

How to Find a Washing Machine Repairman

Last year I joined a Facebook page for people living in my city, and I asked them for recommendations for Whirlpool washer repair stores. I received several recommendations – but I ended up hiring a washing machine repairman who I found on the internet. Of course, if you have lots of family and friends nearby, you can always ask them for recommendations for Whirlpool repair or a washing machine repairman.

Avoid paying for an initial home visit by a washing machine repairman

Don’t pay for an initial home visit if you know what the problem with your washing machine is. Before I settled on the Whirlpool washing machine repairman, I called about six different appliance repair stores. Two refused to order the washer door seal without first coming to my home to inspect the washing machine, which would cost me at least $100 extra.

I understand this; they don’t want to order a washer door seal if there is a different problem with the Whirlpool, or repair the wrong thing. But in my case, it was very clear that the washer door seal was broken, and I just needed a replacement. Knowing stuff like this will help you know how to find a washing machine repairman.

Ask “how much will it cost to fix my washing machine?” in advance

I was surprised when Slava said the full cost of the washer door seal and repair would be $258. I don’t think many washing machine repairmen will give you the full cost in advance, and this definitely tipped the scales in Slava’s favor. I thought I was getting a good deal because I had called several Whirlpool repair people before hiring him, but now that I’ve done more research (ie, found the washer seal on Amazon for half the price), I think maybe I should’ve ordered the part and waited until my husband got home.

Don’t be swayed by your prejudices

When I searched the internet for Whirlpool washing machine repairmen, Slava’s website was first in the search results. His website is awful! Lots of spelling mistakes and typos, no personality, reassurance of quality, or reason to trust his home appliance repair business. When I called him, I had a hard time understanding what he said because his Russian accent was so thick! I knew intellectually that poor website design and a hard-to-understand accent do not mean Slava is an inept or thieving home appliance repair person….but I really had to fight my instincts to hire an English-as-a-first-language Whirlpool washer repairman.

How to Protect Yourself From Problems With Repairmen

Here are a few more tips on how to find a washing machine repairman that you trust….

Get a warranty on washing machine parts and labor

Slava gave me a three month guarantee on the Whirlpool washer door seal and his labor. He put a little sticker on the washing machine, with his contact information. He gave me a receipt for the repair work he did. I feel fairly confident that this home appliance repair went well – the washing machine has successfully cleaned three loads of laundry.

Take extra care hiring a washing machine repairman if you feel vulnerable

When I was waiting for the washing machine repairman, I kept thinking how it would feel to be physically or emotionally vulnerable.

How to Find Washing Machine Repairman

How to Find a Washing Machine Repairman

What if I was elderly, not fully able-bodied (disabled), or had mental health issues? My mom is schizophrenic, and all sorts of people have taken advantage of her. Thankfully, she’s never been conned by a washing machine repairman – but she and millions of people like her can be the targets of home appliance repair scams.

Ask someone to be with you when the washing machine is repaired

I didn’t get a friend to come over when the guy was repairing my Whirlpool washer, though I considered it. I decided that it was unlikely that this he would assault me in my own home instead of fixing my washer seal. But if you have any concerns or doubts, please ask a friend or relative to hang out with you while you wait for the appliance repair person to do the job. This is an important safety tip on how to find a washing machine repairman.

Do not let your guard down after the repairman leaves

I don’t want to make you paranoid, but it’s important to remember that this washing machine repairman has your address. Just because the washing machine repair went smoothly doesn’t mean that you are safe. I was the victim of a home invasion and attempted rape, so I am very very alert to the possibility of a man – whether it’s a Whirlpool washing machine repairman, the mailman, or even a male neighbor – breaking into my house.

Let the dogs out

I have two dogs who are very protective of me and my home, so I don’t feel afraid of a burglary after a home appliance repair job. If you don’t have dogs, then borrow a couple for the washing machine repair job. An RCMP officer once told me that dogs are the best insurance against home invasions.

I don’t mean to make you afraid or paranoid about getting your washing machine or other home appliance fixed! I also hope the washing machine repairmen and women reading this article don’t think I’m picking on them. It’s just so important to be careful when you’re letting people into your home – whether they’re repairmen or tutors, mailmen or the neighbors’ kids. Be careful, but not paranoid, when you’re learning how to find a washing machine repairman.

What have I missed? I welcome your thoughts on how to find a washing machine repairman.

May you find the right repairman for your washing machine, and may your clothes be clean and dry!


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3 thoughts on “How to Find a Washing Machine Repairman”

  1. Great tips! I like especially the one about searching specialists on the Interner, forums, social networks. I’ll definitely consider these recommendations if I need a professional help with my washing machine.

  2. Thanks for your thoughts on how to find a washing repair repairman, James! I agree, it is highly unlikely that an assault will occur when your washing machine is getting fixed. It’s just the thought of it that gave me pause, because of my previous experience with a home break in.

  3. Finding a good and “trustable” repair man is not an easy task, but when you deal with a company, a registered company, it is highly unlikely that this kind of “assaults” will occur.
    A company will have records of each employee and where his mission is, and if anything happens, your contract with the company will be proof of who was in your home at what time.
    The point here is, dealing with a registered company is your choice when you have fears of repairmen assaults. This professional environment does not tolerate such behavior.