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How to Enhance Your Natural Beauty – 4 Fun, Easy Tips

These natural beauty tips will increase your body confidence and self-esteem, which will make you a happier, healthier woman – a beautiful woman, naturally!

Before the tips, a fact about beauty from a psychologist:

“Attractive people are paid more, judged more intelligent and will receive more attention in most facets of life,” says Ingrid Olson, a psychology professor at the University of Pennsylvania. Research shows that there are “tremendous social and economic benefits to being attractive.”

Luckily, beauty isn’t about perfect skin, long blonde curls, or Vera Wang dresses. Your appeal is influenced by how you treat others, your activities, and your personality. Here, I’ve rounded up unexpected tips for enhancing natural beauty – and they don’t cost thousands of dollars or involve cosmetic surgery.

This Is Who I Am: Our Beauty in All Shapes and Sizes is a fantastic book about real women, improving your body confidence, and accepting yourself for who you are by Rosanne Olson.

Tips for Enhancing Your Natural Beauty

Tell the truth

Being dishonest or disrespectful changes your appearance. “Acting ungraciously makes you more likely to frown or raise your eyebrows in arrogance, causing forehead lines. Lying produces inner tension that causes tightness around the mouth and lines around the eyes,” says character coach Susanne Alexander. “Resentment or unforgiveness can cause unhappy facial lines, such as a downturned mouth.”

To enhance your natural beauty, act graciously as much as possible. Practice acceptance, gentleness, and patience – which all can reduce facial tension and increase natural beauty.

Be curious about other people

“People are flattered when you find them appealing – and they naturally reciprocate,” says Dr Ann Demarais, psychologist and co-author of the book First Impressions: What You Don’t Know About How Others See You. A tip for enhancing natural beauty is to accept, like, and be interested in other people.

“Showing interest in others is a component of confidence,” says Dr Demarais. “And when you’re confident, you appear more attractive.” Confidence involves making eye contact, smiling, wearing the clothes you love, and exuding positive energy.

For more tips on being more confident, read Body Confidence – 10 Ways to Love Your Body the Way It Is.

Do the work you love

Dr. Debra Condren, author of Ambition is Not a Dirty Word says, “Loving your work and unapologetically following your dreams is the secret beauty elixir women never hear about. Doing meaningful, challenging work will make you glow with an inner and outer beauty, which no cosmetic surgery or makeup can imitate.”

To enhance your beauty naturally, check in with yourself daily to stay in touch with your ambitions and desires. The more tuned in you are to what you really want out of work and life, the more beautiful you’ll be.

Give yourself room to breath

“If you live in a cluttered environment, you tend to feel overwhelmed, stressed and exhausted,” says life coach Dana Korey. “How you feel affects your appearance. If you’re tired, depressed or anxious – common reactions to disorganization – then you’re not happy or approachable.” One of the best tips for natural beauty is to stay focused, let go of critical thoughts, and take deep calming breaths.

“The feeling of nirvana that overtakes organized women creates radiance and inner peace…and that’s something no cosmetic could duplicate,” says Korey.

For more natural beauty tips, read How to Look Beautiful Without Makeup.

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8 thoughts on “How to Enhance Your Natural Beauty – 4 Fun, Easy Tips”

  1. Thanks for these tips, it’s nice to see that being beautiful isn’t just about Botox and boobs! Natural beauty is far better than plastic Barbie doll beauty, which isn’t beautiful at all. Or natural.

  2. hi
    I think that these tips for enhancing natural beauty are all accurate.
    It only depends on us the bearer on how we are going to managed ourselves to look beautiful and healthy.
    Accepting oneself is the proper key to stay younger and beautiful……

  3. Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen

    Thanks for your comment, Anna!

    Stress definitely makes us look haggard, tired, and unattractive. A natural way to enhance beauty is to practice natural ways of destressing: exercise, spending quality time with friends and family (unless they stress you out), and — like you said — tapping into our sense of gratitude and a Higher Power.


  4. The most important beauty tip is to reduce stress in your life as much as possible. Being content with what we have is one of the greatest trait we can have. We do need to have aims in life and plan and act accordingly but we also need to thank the Almighty for what we have.

  5. I’m glad you enjoyed these tips for enhancing your natural beauty! Getting rid of your negative past is definitely one way to look and feel more attractive….and I hope you’re blooming!

  6. thank you so much…this means alot to me. Ive been trying to get rid of my negative past, and bloom into a beautiful flower. I feel inner beauty is so important and so much more worth while 🙂 Thanks again, x

  7. This is a refreshing article for me and my self concept and to better understand how to appreciate my wife. Thanks for doing this kind of service to the public. You are making a difference.