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Tips for Choosing a Name for Your Baby

These tips for choosing a baby name will make one of your first jobs as a parent less frustrating and time consuming! These baby-naming tips are based on a formula from The One-in-a-Million Baby Name Book.

“Many parents have come to us over the years completely confused, not knowing where to start in finding a name for their baby,” writes Jennifer Moss. “Some just can’t find anything that ‘sounds good’ with their last name. And some are so concerned with how the name affects their child – it’s an overwhelming burden and responsibility to just decide. Its true that you child’s name will affect him throughout his lifetime; however, it doesn’t have to be a burden on you!”

Tips for Choosing a Name for Your Baby

1. Personal history and traditions. If there are naming traditions in your family, discuss them with your partner. Decide together if you want to continue the tradition when your choosing the name of your child. Moss says, “Don’t be pressured into using long-standing naming conventions just because your family has ‘always done so’ and it may be expected of you.” Naming your child after his or her father or other family member can negatively affect his or her individuality.

2. Spelling and easy use. Extremely unusual baby names can affect how people view your child. “For example,” writes Moss, “people view Zachary as handsome, funny, intelligent, cool, and caring. However, they perceive Xakery as a loser, criminal, untrustworthy, exotic, and unpopular!” Be creative when you’re achieving your baby goals and choosing a baby name – but don’t get too unusual.

3. Popularity and saturation. “Each year, the U.S. Social Security Administration puts out a list of top names used in the previous year,” writes Moss. “This is a great resource to see which names are being used too often. It would be wise also to check the BabyNames.com popularity lists, as we rank names that are on our users’ top name lists.” To achieve your baby goals, do a little research when you’re choosing a name.

4. Jokes, puns, and teasing factors. Avoid creating a funny phrase or pun, such as Stormy Weathers or Crystal Chandel Lear. “If it makes you laugh, it will make your child’s classmates laugh – at her,” says Moss. Remember that initials spell a word, and consider whether kids between 8 and 12 years old will make fun of the name. When you’re choosing a baby name, Moss recommends asking children of that age (8-12) what they think of it. Not only will you achieve your baby goals, you’ll learn about bigger kids, too.

5. Pronunciation, rhythm, and flow. “When considering a name for your baby, take into account the name’s most common pronunciation,” writes Moss. “Do you want to use the accepted pronunciation, a different pronunciation, or create one of your own?” Also, names have a natural sound and rhythm…once you’ve narrowed down the possible names to your top choices, ask your friends and family what they think. Do they have difficulty pronouncing it? Does it sound right? When you’re choosing a baby name, practice how it sounds…and you’ll achieve one of your baby goals.

6. Gender identification. Moss includes a list of “crossover” names in The One-in-a-Million Baby Name Book, such as Reese, Haley, Blair, Ashley, Elliot, Mallory, and Sidney/Sydney. All are popular names for both boys and girls (or, men and women). “If you are thinking of using ‘crossover’ names, consider how it may affect your son or daughter. Don’t choose a name for a boy that has primarily been used as a girls’ name in recent years.”

7. The introduction test. When you’re choosing your baby name, say the first and last name out loud, as if you’re introducing your baby to someone. Moss recommends introducing yourself as your child to get a sense of what the name sounds like when it’s said out loud.

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