The Pros and Cons of Bootcamp Workouts and Dance Fitness

Looking for new ways to work out? Here are the pros and cons of bootcamp workouts and dance fitness, from fitness expert Tracey Mallett — co-host of The Official Dirty Dancing DVD.

Why are bootcamp and dance fitness workouts so effective?

“You get energy from moving your body in ways that aren’t normal for you,” says Mallett. “The key is to cross-train to keep your mind and body stimulated. Find something that you enjoy, that you will stick with.”

If you’re too shy or intimidated to try dance fitness or bootcamp workouts, click on The Official Dirty Dancing DVD – try it in the comfort of your own home! And, read on for Mallett’s pros and cons of bootcamp workouts and dance fitness….

The Pros and Cons of Bootcamp Workouts and Dance Fitness

Tracey, what’s the hottest, healthiest “tried and true” fitness trend out there today?

Bootcamp workoutss, because they’re a combination of many different fitness elements that keep the body challenged and create amazing results. Bootcamp exercise is a total body workout with cardio intervals.

The Pros of Bootcamp Workouts

The advantages for exercisers who are short on time is that  they get to build muscle mass with calisthenics using their own body weight and burn fat from cardio army style drills — all in one workout! Bootcamp workouts are still hot and healthy because many gyms still hold different types of boot camp classes – and many studios run regular six week session boot camps. People like to compete against each other in bootcamp workouts, which makes them exercise harder and have fun while they work out.

The Cons of Bootcamp Workouts

Bootcamp workouts can be a little too repetitive for some people, especially if they like choreographed steps. It maybe too tough for a beginner starting back in to exercises. Bootcamp workouts exercise the total body in a way you probably would not push yourself on your own. The steps are easy to memorize, but are of a high intensity.
What’s the hottest, healthiest NEW fitness trend?

Dance fitness, such as jazz or any kind of dance in general. With “Dancing With the Stars” and “So You Think You Can Dance” being so popular, men and women are becoming more interested in dance fitness. It’s fun, exciting, very invigorating and extremely addictive – you leave the class on a high! Dance fitness gives people a feeling of accomplishment, especially when they finally master a small routine and perform it well. Dancing works the whole body – especially the core and the legs.

The Pros of Dance Fitness

You’re moving your body in all different directions; you don’t even realize your exercising because it’s so much fun. Also, it’s a great activity do with your partner or friends. Dance fitness releases stress – especially with all the laughter after you start moving your hips!

The Cons of Dance Fitness

If you’re not coordinated, dance fitness can be very frustrating. You have to actually learn the steps, which might not make it a very good workout for you.  
Do you have any questions about or tips for bootcamp workouts or dance fitness? Please comment below…and, for new fitness ideas, read 10 Workouts to Boost Your Metabolism. 

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7 thoughts on “The Pros and Cons of Bootcamp Workouts and Dance Fitness”

  1. Vidivir Esplanada

    Hi! I haven’t tried the bootcamp workouts, yet. Too scared. :D But looking at your list and the comments on your post, fitness bootcamps look promising and exciting. Do you have any suggestions for first timers like me? Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. I recently attended a residential pain management course at a local hospital that did me an enormous amount of good. My problem is how to stay motivated now I’m home. I just can’t seem to make myself do the exercises I know I should be doing. Any tips on how to stay motivated?


  3. I love doing bootcamps! They really help me push through when I’ve reached a plateu in my own training. Laurie, I think Swan is refering to online workouts for maintaining after a person has completed a bootcamp.

  4. Thanks for taking the time to comment, Swan!

    Are online workouts as effective as bookcamp workouts? I can see online workouts helping with dance fitness….but I thought bootcamp workouts would need some “drill sargeant” type fitness instructor to crack the whip :-)

  5. I agree with your diet/exercise orientation. With a body monitoring device you can take it a step further – you can’t manage what you don’t measure. I’d also like to recommend some great online workouts from the National Academy of Sports Medicine and other fitness experts.

  6. Hi Rhonda,

    Great question! Boot Camp workouts are high-intensity kick in the butt classes (at least that’s what we pride ourselves on at the Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp) with the goal to whip you into shape fast. What you do once you’ve arrived at your goal is crucial. The good news is there are many ways to keep that body looking tight:

    Reduce the frequency – instead of going to class 3x a week, go once or twice and make sure you maintain a balanced diet with adequate protein to keep your muscle tone. If you notice your weight stays stable and your muscle tone is still intakt after two weeks, you’re in a good maintenance mode. If your body is not keeping its shape then get it back to an additional higher frequency or intensity workout.

    Watch your diet – if you’re relying on working out alone to keep your body in shape, expect to spend about twice as much time in the gym as someone who eats a balanced diet while working out. If you stop working out and your diet is still high in processed carbohydrates and low in protein your old body will come knocking on your door within a couple weeks. So, take your pick: work out like there’s no tomorrow or work out more efficiently while watching the cake…?

    Cycle on and off – Nobody is in top shape 100% of the time, not even models. So, once you’re feeling good in your skin you can allow yourself a few days off or choose lower intensity workouts. Once you;re back on the horse your body will respond much more intensely and faster because it is no longer used to the intensity.

    Keep it challenging – People who take boot camp classes several times a week may not feel challenged after a month or two because their fitness level has increased. However, a skilled instructor will keep the workout challenging and ever-evolving so that your muscles will continue to respond and get leaner with every workout, without ever hitting a plateu.

    So you see that boot camp workouts can be great to whip you into top shape, and can also get you out of an exercise rut when you’re looking to maintain your beach body.


  7. Great article! Are boot camps something people can sustain long-term or do they use them to get in shape and then follow a maintenance program? The Dance Fitness sounds like a blast! :-)