Best Workout DVDs – 10 Minute Solutions Exercise Videos

The best workout DVDs are the 10 Minute Solutions exercise videos. I own eight different 10 Minute Solutions workout DVDs; here’s a brief description of the ones I’ve tried.

best 10 minute solutions dvd workouts10 Minute Solution: 5 Day Get Fit Mix is one of my favorites – this workout DVD has totally ramped up my weight loss and fitness levels.  I love working out with them.

“The physically fit can enjoy their vices.” ~ Lord Percival. It’s true – I don’t feel as guilty eating chocolate or a big fat cheeseburger because I know I’ll work it off soon. And, I’ll enjoy working it off! To learn more about these exercise videos, go to

10 Minute Solutions Fitness DVDs

This article describes the dance, kickboxing, and hip hop 10 Minute Solutions exercise videos. To learn about the Pilates 10 Minute Solutions exercise videos – which I also love – read 7 Tips for Working Out With Pilates Fitness DVDs.

10 Minute Solutions Dance Your Body Thin is my current favorite workout DVD. Andrea Rogers combines ballet sculpt, cardio dance, club mix, and dance toner to build muscle strength and burn calories. I also love how she loves to dance – you can see it in face and hear it in her voice. Andrea’s genuine passion for dance makes me feel uninhibited and encouraged (not just to dance and exercise, but in other areas of my life!). This exercise video includes a weighted dance belt that increases the results for the waist and abs.

By the way, you can click on any of the exercise videos pictured here; you’ll directly to Amazon, where you’ll find info on prices and shipping details.

The 10 Minute Solutions DVDs are the best workout videos because of the consistent setting, encouragement, and energy levels. I love these workout DVDs because the fitness, dance, and Pilates instructors all seem to exercise in the same studio (at different times of course), which makes the DVDs familiar. The instructors are energetic, reassuring, and encouraging – and they seem to say similar things, such as “You got it!” and … I can’t remember the other phrases! But the bottom line is that the instructors have their own individual style, yet have that “10 Minute Solutions” trademark somehow.

10 Minute Solutions Knockout Body is my other favorite workout DVD. This one includes weighted gloves (which are optional), and is basically a series of different kickboxing and punching moves. Jessica Smith has an amazing “Fierce & Fabulous Abs” segment at the end, which I both love and dread. It works, but it’s hard.

These are the best workout DVDs because of the easy 10 minute segments. I love that these exercise videos are divided into five 10 minute segments. So, I can do a quick abs or buns/thighs set if I’m pushed for time…or I can do the whole 50 minute workout if I want.

I also love the 10 Minute Solutions DVDs because I’m saving money while losing weight. I’m all about saving money, and these workout DVDs are an amazing investment because they’re inexpensive and they work to increase weight loss and fitness levels. You don’t need to spend money on expensive gym memberships or a fitness trainer to lose weight.

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10 Minute Solutions Hip Hop Dance Mix is the newest DVD I’ve tried, and it’s fun. It’s not as hard a workout because I don’t know hip hop and I’m all fumbly. I do this exercise video on my “days off.” But, I like learning hip hop because it’s excellent brain exercise (learning how to coordinate your brain and body will improve your memory and cognitive skills) and it’s good for my body to do new things. And, it’s way cool to see the hip hop moves explained! Kristin Jacobs is the instructor for this exercise video – and I suspect that once I learn hip hop, this exercise video will become a better workout for me.

I think the 10 Minute Solutions DVDs are the best workouts because people notice my weight loss! In the past month, three people have commented on how I’ve lost weight. One person is an eating disorders specialist who said she doesn’t like to compliment people on weight loss, but she had to ask what I’ve been doing to tone up and slim down. It’s these workout DVDs – and I’ve also taken on my husband’s healthy eating habits.

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