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10 Best Reasons to Exercise – From Clear Skin to More Energy

These ten best reasons to exercise your body range from clear skin to increased energy levels, and they’ll help you achieve your fitness goals – especially if you post them on your fridge, bathroom mirror, or on the dashboard of your car!

“I don’t exercise. If God wanted me to bend over, He would have put diamonds on the floor,” she said.  🙂

The more you see the benefits of physical exercise, the more likely you’ll lose weight and stay slim. My absolute favorite type of exercise is the 10 Minute Solutions DVDs – especially Lara Hudson’s 10 Minute Solution – Pilates.

And, read on to learn the ten best reasons to exercise your body…

10 Best Reasons to Exercise

1. Clear skin, less acne! Regular physical activity promotes circulation and sends nutrients to your skin, making breakouts of acne less frequent. Acne breakouts will clear up faster if you’re regularly sending oxygen to your skin through diet and exercise.

2. Deep, sound sleep. A great reason to exercise your body is a longer, better sleep – as long as you don’t exercise two hours before bedtime. A good night’s sleep improves your brain functioning, helps you deal with pet peeves better, and allows you to enjoy life more. Make sure you get at least eight hours of sleep.

3. Lower stress levels. The more you exercise, the better you’ll cope with anxiety, stress and depression. A major benefit of exercise for your body is that it reduces the stress hormone cortisol. After (and sometimes during fitness training but admittedly not very often), you’ll enjoy more naturally induced happy, positive feelings (endorphins). Health and fitness will give you a natural high – which is one of the best reasons to exercise.

4. Occasional indulgences. Another reason to exercise regularly is so you can indulge in your favorite gourmet chocolates or delicious meals without feeling guilty! Healthy weight loss will still happen if you indulge occasionally and exercise regularly. For info on how food affects your mood, read Why Food Makes You Feel Happy.

5. Better brain cells. Exercise drives more oxygen to feed your brain, making you think quickly and clearly. Learning new physical activities such as dance or jazzercise builds new connections between your brain cells and helps clear environmental toxins. Another reason to exercise your body is that it helps fight free radicals.

For more brain info, read 10 Brain Fitness Tips.

6. Increased confidence levels. Not only will you have more confidence in yourself if you exercise regularly, you’ll be perceived as kinder, smarter and more likeable (because you’ll feel happy and good about yourself, which is attractive). Improving your self-confidence is a great reason to exercise.

7. Improved love life. Physical activity and fitness training sends more blood to all parts of your body, making you respond more quickly to sexual activity. You’ll enjoy physical intimacy more not only because you’re losing weight (another best reason to exercise!), but because you’re growing more confident about your body.

8. Less illness. Regular exercise helps combat free radicals and improves your immune system. Physical exercise also helps you sweat out those toxins that trigger disease and infections. Some of the best reasons to exercise include lower blood pressure, lower bad cholesterol levels, and a lower heart rate.

9. Increased energy levels. Physical activity is not only an effective weight loss method, it’s also a great way to increase your energy levels. Having energy to enjoy life without feeling fatigued is one of the best reasons to exercise! Try different types of fitness training to boost your metabolism, increase your level of energy, and motivate you to stay slim.

10. Strong, lean muscles. The more you exercise, the stronger and healthier your muscles will become – and the better they’ll serve you. Diet and exercise aren’t just about feeling better about yourself, losing weight, or improving your immune system – it’s about getting fitter and stronger so you can enjoy life more.

If you don’t like to exercise, read 7 Ways to Get a Better Workout at the Gym in Less Time.

What have I missed about the best reasons to exercise your body?


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2 thoughts on “10 Best Reasons to Exercise – From Clear Skin to More Energy”

  1. For me, the best reason to exercise is because of the way it makes me and my body feel. I feel lean, tight, and strong because I exercise every day, and that makes me feel happy and good about myself!