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Thanksgiving Gift Ideas – Beyond Wine, Pie, and Gift Baskets

thanksgiving gift ideasThese Thanksgiving gift ideas go beyond the classic gifts of pumpkin pie, mulberry wine, and Thanksgiving gift baskets (though gift baskets are my first choice for Thanksgiving Day!).

These tips will help you be creative when you’re giving gifts on Thanksgiving because they include turkey cages and novelty ties.

Before the tips, a quip:

“On Thanksgiving Day, all over America, families sit down to dinner at the same moment: halftime.” – Anonymous.

Since not everyone is into football on Thanksgiving, consider gifts that gives non-fans something to do (besides eat). For instance, board games like Scrabble or Bananagrams encourage families and friends to interact with each other and have fun together.

I’m a huge fan of gourmet gift baskets — and I’m also a health nut — so I have to share the The KIND Cube Gift Variety Pack (pictured). It’s not just a popular, creative Thanksgiving gift idea — it’s an experience that’s perfect for munching while watching the game (or playing games).

And, here are more Thanksgiving gift ideas that go beyond gift baskets…

Thanksgiving Gift Ideas – Not Just Gift Baskets or Turkey Trots

Board games for groups of people. Get your head out of your smart phones and ipods — have an old-fashioned Thanksgiving Day with a fun, interactive board game. You don’t necessarily have to buy the most popular board games on Amazon — which is Cards Against Humanity, by the way — you can bring an old favorite to Thanksgiving dinner. Bananagrams is a very popular family game.

Thanksgiving turkey cage. This is a great gift idea for moms, wives, and all manner of women who roast turkeys for Thanksgiving dinner and who deplore scraping the stuffing or dressing from inside the turkey after it’s cooked! I’d give this turkey cage to my mother-in-law for Thanksgiving; it’s practical, effective, and inexpensive.

Homemade gift certificate – be a “Thanksgiving helper” on turkey day. Cooking Thanksgiving dinner can be a time-consuming, stressful, overwhelming responsibility! One of my favorite Thanksgiving Day gift ideas  is to offer your undivided help and total attention for a specific amount of time on Thanksgiving Day (or the whole day!). You can be the gift recipient’s assistant chef, party planner, and organizer – and she’ll be forever grateful.

Thanksgiving centerpieces or candle holders. Truth be told, I’m lukewarm on table centerpieces for Thanksgiving; the dinner table is usually so jam packed with food and dishes, so there’s no room for a big ornamental Thanksgiving centerpiece. But, if the Thanksgiving dinner table is big enough and the gift recipient likes turkey centerpiece decorations or candle holders, then they can be great Thanksgiving gift ideas.

Turkey cannon for Thanksgiving dinner. If you’re looking for a Thanksgiving gift idea to take to some who is cooking a turkey dinner, ask if he or she wants to barbeque the turkey. This may be too late this Thanksgiving dinner – the turkey roaster may already be prepped – but a Camp Chef  Turkey Cannonor gadget to bbq a turkey for next year (or Christmas) can be a creative Thanksgiving gift idea. A turkey cannon is one of the best ways to make Thanksgiving Day dinner easy because it frees up oven space.

Thanksgiving novelty tie, gag gift, or DVD. A turkey novelty tie or Thanksgiving apron is an inexpensive, fun, easy Thanksgiving Day gift idea! Another possibility is a classic or new DVD to watch after Thanksgiving dinner (if of course the football game isn’t the drawing card).

thanksgiving gift ideas Thanksgiving gourmet gift basket – or a spa gift basket. I have to come back to Thanksgiving gift baskets because I find them irresistible! Gift baskets are practical, thoughtful, and often inexpensive. And, you don’t even have to know the person you’re giving the basket to, because gift baskets suit all personality types and lifestyles.

The Art of Appreciation Old World Charm Gift Basket is a beautiful Thanksgiving gift basket that perfectly suits the holiday.

Another gift idea for a hardworking chef is a Bain D’esprit Sunflower Spa Bath and Body Set Gift Basket. Instead of giving more food, why not pamper your Thanksgiving hostess?

For more Thanksgiving tips, read Invited to a Thanksgiving Potluck? Ideas for What to Bring.

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17 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Gift Ideas – Beyond Wine, Pie, and Gift Baskets”

  1. Hand blown glass art is a beautiful Thanksgiving gift! It really depends who the gift recipient is, though…I think it wouldn’t work for me, come to think of it. I don’t like knick knack type of gifts, and I don’t have shelves that I put stuff on. That’s why it’s good to know your hostess before you buy things like that — and why gift baskets are so good at Thanksgiving!

  2. Thanks for sharing, Laurie! I love giving spa gift certificates during Thanksgiving and Christmas. I also like giving special art pieces like oil paintings and hand blown glass art. I buy my gifts online like ebay, antique shops, and in art galleries.

  3. Thanks for that link to the Thanksgiving potluck psychology article – very funny :-)

    I still think a Thanksgiving gift basket is the best thing to bring to dinner – especially if it’s a spa basket, to help the hostess relax after dinner!