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6 Weight Loss Tips for Teens – From Fat Blasting to Dr Oz

These teen weight loss tips start with a fat blasting dance mix, and end with weight loss wisdom from Dr Oz.

“Habit is habit and not to be flung out of the window by any man, but coaxed downstairs a step at a time,” said Mark Twain.

It’s not glamorous or exciting to lose weight. If you want to trim off the body fat – and keep it off permanently – you need to do the boring stuff like create good eating habits and stick to them. And, exercising – which can be fun! In fact, the best weight loss tip for teens is to plug in fitness DVDs like the 10 Minute Solution: Fat Blasting Dance Mix.  Me, I like the yoga 10 minute solutions DVDs better, but to each her own.

Weight Loss Tips for Teens – From Fat Blasting to Dr Oz

Are you an overweight teenager – or do you just think you should be skinnier? Here’s a quick, easy way to tell: a Body Mass Index calculator. If you have a Body Mass Index of 25 or above, then you’re overweight. If it’s less than that, you’re normal – you don’t need to lose weight.

1. Figure out why you’re overweight. Determining the root of the problem can help you lose body fat. For instance, did you gain weight because of a terrible experience or sad situation? Have you always been overweight? If you’re a teenage girl, do your eating habits match your father or older brother’s? If you’re an emotional eater, you need to deal with your feelings.

To learn how to stop emotional eating, read 6 Ways to Stop Stress Eating Late at Night.

2. Let yourself get physically hungry. When I was an overweight teenager, I never experienced physical hunger. I was emotionally starving, which is why I ate and ate and ate. It wasn’t until I was an adult that I learned what it feels like to be physically hungry. Weight loss for both teenagers and adults is about learning the difference between physical and emotional hunger. I’m not saying starve yourself – but I do think it’s important to know when you’re physically hungry, and eat to satisfy that hunger. That’s how I achieved my weight loss goals!

Again – I’m NOT saying you should starve yourself – that’s not a good weight loss tip for a teenager. I’m just encouraging you to tune into your body.

3. Change the order in which you eat food. Instead of eating the French fries and burger first, fill up on a large salad with no salad dressing. Then, if you have room, go for a bit of the burger and fries. And, don’t eat the boring iceburg lettuce salads with cucumber! I put apple chunks, red and orange peppers, spinach, red onions, orange chunks, pumpkin seeds, and raisons on my salads. The idea is to eat more veggies and fruits, and eat less carbs, starches, and fat. You don’t want to eliminate fat entirely – it’s good for your brain, hair, and body cells – but you do want to stick to small portions of healthy fats.

4. Avoid weight loss supplements, diet pills, or dieting in general. Unless your doctor prescribes them, don’t take weight loss supplements or diet pills. I tried them when I was young, and they were a big waste of time and money. Plus, they can have unhealthy side effects. And it’s been shown that dieting doesn’t work for weight loss; instead, you need to develop long-term healthy eating habits.

5. Remember that food is 66% of weight loss for teens and adults. Exercise is important, but what and how much you eat is more important in terms of losing body fat. I exercise almost every day, which helps me stay slim…but I’ve also learning how to eat like a skinny person, from my husband. I wrote about how I lost weight in 8 Best Ways to Lose Weight.

6. Be open to trying different ways to lose body fat. The majority of people who lose weight and keep it off have tried more than method of weight loss. For teens, this means trying different combinations of exercise, portion control, weight loss groups, exercise buddies, etc. You may find that a weight loss support group for teenagers works for you, or you might prefer working one-on-one with a nutritionist or doctor. You have to be open to trying one or two things for at least a month. If those things don’t work, then try something different.

weight loss tips for teensThe 10 Minute Solutions’ Hip Hop Dance Mix is  perfect if you’re into hip hop. 

Remember that different things work for different people. I love the 10 Minute Solutions Pilates Fitness DVDs. But, you may love swimming, learning hip hop or Zumba dance moves, or playing Wii fitness games. Your best friend may be on the track team or cheerleading squad…we all have different likes and dislikes, and we have to stop forcing ourselves to be someone we’re not!

For Dr Oz’s weight loss wisdom, read Dr Oz’s Weight Loss Tips – Best Times of the Day to Lose Weight.

What do you think of these tips for teen weight loss? Comments welcome below…

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20 thoughts on “6 Weight Loss Tips for Teens – From Fat Blasting to Dr Oz”

  1. Thank you for replaying!
    I am eating about 2,000 calories every meal.(not counting the drink)and I have a small 70 calorie snack once a day.I am eating fast food probably once every 2 weeks.This is what I’ve been eating.Im not eating much sugar in my meals.I don’t know what I am doing wrong,I have been eating like this ever since I was a little girl(7 or 8).I have lost a lot of baby fat since then,but there is still a bit of fat that is still there and won’t go away.
    Thanks again,

  2. Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen

    Hi Lissa,

    I know how you feel — it took me a long time to lose weight!

    Approximately how many calories do you eat every day, and what kinds of food do you normally consume? Counting calories is difficult at first, especially if you haven’t been taught how many calories is in different types of food. I was never taught about calories, and was always eating way more than I was burning off!

    So, tell me what you eat in a given day. Keep track of every single thing you eat — write it down as soon as you eat it. Do this for 2 or 3 days, and then tell me what you’re eating.

    I suspect there will be the answer to your inability to lose weight…because achieving weight loss goals is ALL about what you’re putting in your mouth!


  3. Hi,
    I have been doing exercises that I enjoy, such as dancing, skate boarding, walking dog or w/ friends ect. but I dont see much results, actually, I seem to be gaining wait!Is this because I am growing or am I doing something wrong?Please replay 🙂

  4. Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen

    Thanks for your tips. I think what and how much you eat is just as important for weight loss for teens as exercising is.

  5. When you are trying to lose body fat, the best way to do it is still by proper dieting and exercise. Avoid taking slimming pills at all cost, they do more harm than good.

  6. Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen

    I’m not a teen, but I’m always focused on losing body fat and weight loss…and I eat a ton of salads and fruit. My favorite is to make a salad of apples, colorful peppers, onions, and whatever other veggies and fruits I have. Then, I top with raisins, pumpkin seeds, and shelled sunflower seeds instead of salad dressing. This is one of my favorite meals (when I’m not chowing down on a cheeseburger 🙂 )

  7. Its sad that teens and preteens nowadays cant control their weight. with todays age of fast food and processed foods, no doubt weight will be a major problem. Take this advice from Christopher guerrero and that is to eat more of alkaline based foods such as raw veggies, fruits. there’s so much ways in preparing these into delightul dishes and desserts which the kids will surely love!

  8. Last year I have so much Body fat because of a very bad diet and lack of exercise. Now I am doing lots of Cardio to reduce the fat specially on my tummy.

  9. Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen

    Hi Lilly,

    I know how your daughter feels — I struggled with my weight as a teenager, too! It’s difficult, especially when you go to school with those thin popular gorgeous young teen cheerleader types (and most schools have them).

    The tae kwon do class might help, and I like your comment on my “Tips for Hiring a Personal Fitness Trainer” article. I think a personal fitness instructor might be great for certain teenagers. The personal attention and instruction might make the difference she needs.

    Thanks for your comments,


  10. My teenage daughter has struggled with her weight since she was ten years old. Thanks for these weight loss tips for teens, I’ll make sure she sees them. I was never overweight as a child and I don’t know why she is. I have struggled with depression though and so does she!

    She just started taking a tae kwon do class and I think that might help. Her teacher is strict!

  11. Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen

    Hi Callie,

    I don’t think weight loss supplements are good for teens — or adults, for that matter. It does depend on the reasons for being overweight, though; I think a doctor might prescribe a weight loss supplement in some cases.

    But generally speaking, the best way to lose weight and body fat for teens (and adults) is to eat lots of fruits, veggies, and protein. Stay away from simple carbs (white sugar, white flour), and eat good fats like olive oil sparingly.

    And, exercise!!


  12. Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen

    Here’s some interesting info about brown fat from Weight Loss Start, from an article called “Losing Weight – The Brown Fat Burns Calories When the Body is Exposed to Cold.”

    “Brown fat (brown adipocyte) is present in the human body primarily in early life, the persistence of brown fat in adults is subject to discussion.

    However, new evidence suggests that in adulthood we actually still have the brown fat in the body.

    The brown fat, produces heat, burn fat and calories consumed in the presence of cold temperatures, which is why research in this area is of particular importance to fight against diseases related to obesity and the overweight, as it is for diabetes and other ailments.

    When you hear the words “brown fat”, this does not mean that the fat under the skin is tanned by the sun, although the brown fat actually is really brown.

    Its color is brown because mitochondria contain iron. The fat is not visible to the naked eye, but by analyzing PET (positron emission tomography), which represents a way for doctors and researchers as to whether the remaining brown fat in adults.

    Three studies were published recently in the 9th of April 2009 issue of the medical journal New England Journal of Medicine stating that research has determined that the brown fat are still adults and can burn calories when it is activated by cold temperatures.

    Dr. Aaron Cypress, lead author of one study from Joslin Diabetes Center in Boston, said: “The incredible enthusiasm on this is that we have a whole new way to fight against obesity.”

    Dr. Cypress and his colleagues evaluated more than 1900 patients who underwent PET analysis and their study showed that 7.5 percent of women had the brown fat in certain areas of the body at a rate of 4 mm and 3, 1 per cent of men were also the brown fat of similar size.

    The researchers noted that patients who are taking or have taken beta-blockers were less likely to have brown fat.

    Dr. Cypress explains that “The general public and most scientists did not know this fact, and adding to this effect:” We affirm that the brown fat is present in the body in adulthood and could be used as a treatment for obesity and diabetes. ”

    Another recently published studies, was conducted by Dr. Sven Enerbäck at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden and his team. He also stressed the presence of brown fat in adults through research involving five patients.

    His team discovered a large amount of brown fat on the forehead of patients and in the back of their neck, through the modern medical imaging. The team verified the presence of brown fat through genetic analysis.

    After finding the presence of brown fat, they have attempted to determine the impact of it when a patient has been exposed to colder temperatures, to trigger the activity of the fat.

    They set up a patient in an ice bath while he was being examined by PET at a temperature between about 17 ° for five minute intervals over a period of two hours.

    The team has noticed an increased activity of brown fat, as well as the consumption of glucose by the patient.

    Another study published in the Journal was conducted by Dutch researchers of the Medical Center of the University of Maastricht in the Netherlands.

    Their study evaluated the effects of temperature on the brown fat from 24 healthy men using PET. Participants showed no presence of brown fat while sitting in a room at 22 ° F for two hours, but when room temperature was lowered to about 17 °, 23 men showed an activity brown fat.

    The leanest men had a BMI under 25, on the brown fat was more active than those who were overweight or obese.

    These new research invites researchers to consider the presence of brown fat than thought previously only be present in infants or rodents. The brown fat appears to be intended to regulate body temperature, and to do that, it burns large amounts of sugar and releases energy as heat.

    In the light of new facts about the brown fat, and the fact that it seems to burn calories, scientists and researchers have new reason to find ways to trigger the activity of brown fat.”

  13. Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen

    Hi Tom, thanks for your comment. I don’t think it’s just our society today — I need weight loss tips for teens back in the 80’s, when I was an obese teenager! Well, I was never really OBESE….just round. But I agree that giving weight loss advice to children and teens is sad….and I don’t think we can deny that childhood obesity is increasing. I think that’s a fact, isn’t it?

    Hi Melanie, I didn’t know how that exercise is less important than what you eat and how much you eat until about a year ago — and I’m almost 40 now! When I was a teen and young adult, I’d eat tons of garbage and then run around the block a few times…and wonder why I couldn’t lose weight. Thanks for your comment — I never thought my weight loss for teens advice was “holistic”, but I think you’re right! Cool. 🙂


  14. Brown adipose tissue or brown fat is sometimes mistaken for a type of gland, which it resembles more than white adipose tissue. It varies in color from dark red to tan, reflecting lipid content. Its lipid reserves are depleted when the animal is exposed to a cold environment, and the color darkens. In contrast to white fat, brown fat is richly vascularized and has numerous unmyelinated nerves which provide sympathetic stimulation to the adipocytes.

  15. Its so important that young women understand that food is 66% of weight loss for teens and adults. You cannot simple start an exercise program and expect the weight to fall off if you keep eating badly.

    I appreciate the holistic advice you have given here – right on!