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10 Fitness Gifts That Encourage Health and Wellness

These fitness gift ideas aren’t just for the “gym rat” in your life – they’re perfect for regular people who want to sprinkle a little health and wellness into their lives. The first gift is perfect for the young and fit, or even the middle-aged and not-so-fit… In my quest to collect fitness gifts that go beyond pedometers, I found the EatSmart […]

10 Benefits of Yoga Poses for the Grieving Process

Did you know there are specific yoga poses that help ease the grieving process? Learn about the emotional and physical health benefits of yoga for the grief process. Grieving causes physical pain in your body; these yoga poses relieve stress and promote healing in your mind, body, and soul. In Yoga and Grief: A Compassionate Journey Toward Healing, Gloria Drayer […]

5 Work Out Videos That Work to Tone and Tighten the Flabby Bits

These are my favorite work out videos (fitness DVDs) because they work to tone flabby muscle and burn floppy fat. Here, I focus on ballet, yoga, Pilates, strength training, and boot camp. I don’t have the time, energy, or money to go to the gym – all my exercise takes place at home in front of the TV (strength building, […]

How I Finally Lost 20 Pounds After I Turned 40

I struggled with 20 to 30 pounds of extra weight all my life. It wasn’t until after I turned 40 years old that I finally lost that last 20 pounds – and here’s how I did it. Most women gain weight as they reach age 40, and they also gain weight after getting married. The opposite is happening to me: […]

Best Reasons to Exercise – 10 Weight Loss Motivators

You know you should exercise, but finding motivation is hard. Here are the best reasons to exercise and weight loss motivators – they include a smarter brain, better mood, and deeper, sounder sleep. My absolute favorite type of exercise are the 10 Minute Solutions DVDs. But, they stopped sending me exercise DVDs to review, so I’ve moved on. Now, I’m into […]

Need Exercise Motivation? Tips for Working Out at Home

If you’re like me, you need exercise motivation daily! Check out these top tips for working out at home — they’ll help you stay motivated to keep exercising and lose the flab. “I am pushing sixty.  That is enough exercise for me.” ~ Mark Twain. I wish all I had to do was push my age around instead of actually […]