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10 Thoughtful Gifts for a New Mom After a C-Section

These gifts for new moms after a c-section will lift her spirits and help her heal. The road to recovery after a c-section can be long and tiring; these gifts will give a new mom energy and help her heal after surgery. They’re based on advice from ob-gyns, family doctors and moms who have experienced cesarean surgeries.

10 Fitness Gifts That Encourage Health and Wellness

These fitness gift ideas aren’t just for the “gym rat” in your life – they’re perfect for regular people who want to sprinkle a little health and wellness into their lives. The first gift is perfect for the young and fit, or even the middle-aged and not-so-fit… In my quest to collect fitness gifts that go beyond pedometers, I found the EatSmart […]

How to Make Your Hair Grow – From Biotin to Bear Grease

Hair loss can be a side effect of a bad perm, prescription medications, or a genetic disorder. These tips for making your hair grow are inspired by a reader who is taking medications that cause hair loss. Pura d’or Premium Organic Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo is a natural preservative anti-hair loss formula with organic igredients, no sulfates or parabens, and no chemical […]

How to Get Rid of Bunions and Ease Foot Pain

A bunion on foot (hallux valgus) can cause severe foot pain. These tips on how to get rid of bunions will help ease foot pain. After a year of terrible bunion pain, I found two ways to get rid of bunions and be pain-free. If you can’t afford to get a foot orthotic from a podiatrist, try the Bunion Aid Hinged […]

How to Improve Your Health – 16 Tips for Women

The key to improving your health is prevention and staying in tune with your body. These 16 tips for improving a woman’s health will prevent disease and increase longevity – they’re from Dr Leesa A. Kaufman, MD, an OBGYN at Good Samaritan Hospital in Dayton, Ohio. “Half the costs of illness are wasted on conditions that could be prevented,” says Dr […]

9 Natural Ways to Increase Your Sex Drive

The best tips on how to increase female sex drive are about improving your self-concept and physical health. If you don’t feel good about your body, you won’t enjoy special times with your husband. The health benefits of healthy sexual intimacy include stronger bones and muscles, less stress and depression, better memory and a stronger immune system. Some doctors even say we should have sex […]