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A Medical Intuitive Describes How Energy Healing Works

Learn what to expect from an energy healing session, from Medical Intuitive Susan Lee Woodward. She shares how her healing energy can affect your mind, body, and soul. However, you might find a session of energy healing more interesting if you didn’t learn what to expect. “The first time I went to a Reiki session, I purposely did not research […]

How the Law of Attraction Can Help You Get Money

Is money and the law of attraction is a load of baloney? Maybe, but you won’t know if these ways to attract wealth into your life will work unless you try them! Or read them, at least. Seriously – I think you should try these tips for a month, and see if anything in your life changes. “The Universal Law […]

11 Reasons You Don’t Want to Be a Movie Star

Think it’s fun to be famous? Think again! These reasons you don’t want to be a movie star reveal how fame stops and blocks peace and joy. Being famous isn’t all glamor, glitz, and glee… If you’re convinced you want to be a movie star, read How to become a celebrity: Building a career in the limelight by Mr Charles Hopkins-Thyme. […]

How Vision Boards Help You Achieve Your Goals

Vision boards can help you achieve goals – but it’s not as easy as slapping a few pictures up on your wall! These tips will help you create the type of vision board that can help you achieve any goal you can think of. “I don’t care how much power, brilliance or energy you have,” said Zig Ziglar. “If you […]

6 Ways to Increase Your Financial IQ and Attract More Money

The more you know about personal finance – your financial IQ – the greater your chances of attracting more money into your life! Here are six practical ways to learn more about money so you can create wealth and security. “Women will always be dependant until she holds a purse of her own.” ~ Elizabeth Cady Stanton. Whether you’re a […]