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7 Ways to Overcome Food Cravings and Stop Mindless Eating

These strategies are from The Hunger Fix – a book that offers tried-and-true tips on how to stop mindless eating. Even better, Dr Pam Peeke also offers advice for overcoming food cravings that go right to the heart of the problem. “Among women who binge eat, 83% were abused as children,” writes Dr Pam Peeke in The Hunger Fix: The Three-Stage Detox […]

Breaking Free From Emotional Eating

These tips will help you learn how to stop overeating, mindless eating, and emotional eating. Dr Talia Witkowski, who once struggled with a food addiction, shares her thoughts on breaking free from emotional eating. For more info on eating disorders, read Breaking Free from Emotional Eating by Geneen Roth. She outlines her proven program for resolving the conflicts at the root of […]