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What Your Halloween Costume Says About Your Personality

What does your Halloween costumes say about your personality traits? If you look behind the “trick or treat” mask of these costumes, you can see right into people’s thoughts, dreams, and personality… I’d dress up as a gypsy with the Retro Bohemian Babe Gypsy Halloween Costume, without a doubt. I love the idea of being a gypsy, I love the […]

What Your Halloween Costume Says About Personality

Easy Mens’ Costumes for Halloween – Homemade

These ideas for easy men’s Halloween costumes will help you get dressed for the party faster than you get dressed for work. You don’t have time to make an ornate costume, but you can still be creative with the stuff you have at home! Amazon’s Men’s Dark Knight Costume isn’t a fast easy Halloween costume for men that you can make at home. […]

Going to a Costume Party? 11 Creative Ideas From Your Closet

Finding a creative costume for a costume party doesn’t have to be stressful or frustrating! These costumes ideas are fun and easy. Here’s what one reader says: “I rarely buy costumes because I think that it’s much more fun and creative to make your own,” says Brandi, who loves wearing an “Eve” costume of “Adam and Eve” lore. “And I […]

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Food Costumes You Can Make at Home

Lots of people want to be food for Halloween, and this list of food costumes you can make at home will help you stand out from the buffet. These food costumes range from beef tacos to food on the floor of a movie theater. A food costume doesn’t have to be hard to make – it can be creative, quick, […]

Classic Storybook Character Costumes for Halloween

From the traditional Mary Poppins to the Evil Winged Monkey from the Wizard of Oz, these classic book character Halloween costumes will give you lots of ideas to choose from! Kicking off this list is Evil Winged Monkey from the Wizard of Oz. In the original Wizard of Oz novels, the winged monkeys were intelligent monkeys with bird-like wings. The Winged […]

Literature and Book Character Costumes for Halloween

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Ideas for Halloween Costumes for Couples

These costume ideas for couples on Halloween will inspire you, but they won’t overwhelm you with complicated crafts, sewing, or costume-making. You don’t have get complicated to create a classy Halloween costume for couples! Here’s the quip that always makes me think of telling stories on Halloween: “Clothes make a statement.  Costumes tell a story.” ~ Mason Cooley. And here’s an idea […]

Boys Halloween Costumes – From Apes to Zombies

These boys Halloween costumes are a mixture of homemade (Nightmare in a Closet) and store-bought (Buzz Lightyear and Star Wars). There’s something for every boy here. The Chimpanzee Boys Halloween Costume is awesome not only if your boy likes monkeys, but also if you live in a cold climate. This costume will keep him snug and warm while trick-or-treating! Unless […]