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How to Make Your Hair Grow – From Biotin to Bear Grease

Hair loss can be a side effect of a bad perm, prescription medications, or a genetic disorder. These tips for making your hair grow are inspired by a reader who is taking medications that cause hair loss. Pura d’or Premium Organic Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo is a natural preservative anti-hair loss formula with organic igredients, no sulfates or parabens, and no chemical […]

How to Get Rid of Bunions and Ease Foot Pain

A bunion on foot (hallux valgus) can cause severe foot pain. These tips on how to get rid of bunions will help ease foot pain. After a year of terrible bunion pain, I found two ways to get rid of bunions and be pain-free. If you can’t afford to get a foot orthotic from a podiatrist, try the Bunion Aid Hinged […]

Retinal Detachment Symptoms – From Floaters to Eye Surgery

Floaters and curtains are symptoms of retinal detachment; the result can be eye surgery. Here’s how to recognize the signs of a detached retina before it’s too late. The quicker you recognize it, the faster you’ll be able to treat it — and it’s critical to get medical attention from a specialist at the earliest sign of a possible retinal detachment. […]

Anti-Aging Foods – Mostly Proteins – That Reduce Skin Problems

What foods reduce skin problems? Protein is the best anti-aging food for your skin. These tips are endorsed by doctors and medical estheticians, including a dermatologist who wrote a book about improving aging skin. “What you eat can clear your skin, firm your nails, and give you better looking hair,” says Dr John La Puma, author of ChefMD’s Big Book of […]

6 Signs You’re Not Eating Right for Your Body Type

These physical and emotional signs that you’re not eating right for your body type will help you feel fitter and healthier right away. Especially if you actually take action and change your eating habits! One of the worst things you can do – regardless of your body type – is to eat at night. If you tend to midnight munch, […]

10 Natural Beauty Tips From the Makeover Experts

If you’re looking for natural beauty tips, don’t skip over these suggestions from the makeover experts at Makeover Media. You don’t need cosmetic surgery or skinny jeans to be attractive! “Nature says to a woman: ‘Be beautiful if you can, wise if you want to, but be respected, that is essential.’” ~ Pierre Beaumarchais. It can be surprisingly easy to […]