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What to Do When You Can’t Take Care of Your Dog

Are you finding it impossible to take care of your dog? These options for pet owners range from doggy daycare to dog fostering through rescue organizations; I wrote this for a reader who can’t care for her dog. “I have a two year old jack russell terrier called Mailo,” says A. on Should You Give Your Dog Away? “He is the best […]

How to Decide if You Should Give Your Dog Away

If you’re thinking about giving your dog away, here are several things to consider. Surrendering a dog is painful, but could be the right decision for you and your family. We sadly gave our dog away yesterday…it was the right decision for us, but we’ve been crying ever since. The following tips will help you decide if you need to give […]

What to Do When Your Dog Dies

Your dog’s death may be one of the hardest things you ever face. Here’s what to do when your dog dies – these tips focus on coping with the sadness and loneliness of loss. A Beadwork Garden Stepping Stone – Pet Footprint is a wonderful memorial for your dog. When your dog dies, you might be comforted by a visible reminder […]