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what to buy your wife at Christmas

12 Beautiful Gift Ideas for Your Wife at Christmas

Happy wife, happy life, right? These gifts and ideas for your wife this Christmas won’t just make her happy, they make shopping painless for you. Win-win! You’ll save time and energy with these beautiful Christmas gifts and ideas. Less time shopping means more time relaxing.

Beautiful Gifts That Say "Happy Birthday" on Her 50th

What to Buy Your Wife on Her 50th Birthday

What do you give your wife on her 50th birthday? These gifts and ideas for women turning fifty are inspired by my own upcoming 50th birthday. I’ll be celebrating in a few months, and am already making birthday plans with my husband! Whether your wife is sad or glad to be turning fifty, she’ll love these gifts and ideas.

10 Thoughtful Gifts for a New Mom After a C-Section

These gifts for new moms after a c-section will lift her spirits and help her heal. The road to recovery after a c-section can be long and tiring; these gifts will give a new mom energy and help her heal after surgery. They’re based on advice from ob-gyns, family doctors and moms who have experienced cesarean surgeries.