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10 Natural Ways to Ease the Pain of Ulcerative Colitis

During my last flare up, I spent hours researching natural remedies for ulcerative colitis symptoms. Here’s what I found: the 10 best ways to naturally ease the pain of colitis, plus links to helpful resources, books, and products. I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis a month before my long-planned trip to Jerusalem, Israel to meet my dad for the first […]

How to Get Over Depression

There is no magic formula for how to get over depression, but this information will give you insight into why you feel depressed. If you’ve been struggling with depression for awhile, talk to a counselor or doctor. Here, you’ll see you’re not alone…but to really learn how to get over depression, you must talk to a health care provider. The NatureBright […]

6 Foods Proven to Help Treat Depression

These foods are not only proven by research to help treat depression, they’re also yummy. Certain foods increase serotonin and dopamine in your brain, which has a direct effect on your mood, thoughts, and energy levels. In Habits of a Happy Brain: Retrain Your Brain to Boost Your Serotonin, Dopamine, Oxytocin, & Endorphin Level, Loretta Graziano Breuning helps you choose […]

Why Food Makes You Feel Happy

Registered Dietitian Crystal MacGregor explains why food makes you feel happy – including why sick people crave chicken noodle soup, why emotional eaters are hooked on certain foods, and why people love comfort food. “Different types of food makes men and women feel happy in different ways,” says MacGregor. “Women preferred snack-related foods such as chocolate and candy, while men […]

How to Help When Your Boyfriend is Depressed

How do you help a boyfriend who is depressed? How do you act, and what should you say? These tips are for girlfriends who aren’t sure how to cope with depression in their relationships. If you think (or know) your boyfriend is depressed, read Is He Depressed or What? What to Do When the Man You Love Is Irritable, Moody, and Withdrawn. […]

8 Natural Remedies for Depression – No Drugs or Doctors

These natural remedies for depressed feelings include herbs, supplements, foods, and lifestyle changes. Treating depression naturally depends on the cause of depression. Neuro Clarity #1 All-Natural Brain function booster is a holistic blend of Super Ginkgo Biloba complex with St John’s Wort and Bacopin. It supports mental clarity, focus, memory and more – and it comes with a 100% money back guarantee. You might […]