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10 Fitness Gifts That Encourage Health and Wellness

These fitness gift ideas aren’t just for the “gym rat” in your life – they’re perfect for regular people who want to sprinkle a little health and wellness into their lives. The first gift is perfect for the young and fit, or even the middle-aged and not-so-fit… In my quest to collect fitness gifts that go beyond pedometers, I found the EatSmart […]

How to Exercise Your Dog in Hot Weather

These 10 tips on how to exercise your dog in hot weather will help you find the balance between keeping your dog active and avoiding heat stroke. Pictured is a GoPet TreadWheel For Small Dogs – it looks like a hamster wheel, but it’s actually a type of dog treadmill. At first glance, this seems like a silly idea for exercising your […]

Exercise Tips for Extroverts, Introverts, and Neurotics

You probably already know that your personality traits directly affect your health and happiness levels! These exercise tips for extroverts, introverts, and neurotics will help you achieve your fitness goals – whether you want to lose that last 20 pounds or run a marathon… The key to losing weight and getting fit is to find an exercise plan that suits your personality […]

Why You’re Not Losing Weight on the Weight Watchers Diet

It’s not a big surprise that you’re not losing weight on the Weight Watchers diet, as you’ll see with these scientifically proven reasons diets don’t work. Maybe instead of trying to lose weight, you can focus on accepting your body the way it is and looking thinner in the clothes you have? “The beauty of this [not looking fat] is […]

Best Power Yoga DVDs to Increase Energy and Fitness

Here are my favorite yoga DVDs, plus tips for choosing the best yoga DVD to achieve your energy and fitness goals. Doing yoga at home is easier and more efficient than going to yoga class – and far less expensive! One of my favorite yoga DVDs is Baron Baptiste’s Power Yoga Level 2 – my husband and I practice it twice […]

6 Tips for Running on the Beach – in Maui, in Vancouver, in Africa

Running on the beach is one of the best aerobic exercises because the sand creates resistance, which makes you work harder. These tips for running on the beach are from my own experience here at the Aston Maui Kaanapali Villas – I’m on a two week vacation, and the first thing I did this morning was go for a run […]