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17 Gift Ideas to Help With Healing and Recovery After Surgery

This gift list includes helpful ideas and practical tips to help all patients heal from all types of surgery. I’m recovering from my second orthopedic surgery in less than a year, and have learned the best gifts for patients. No matter what type of surgery your friend or family member underwent, you’ll find something to help with healing here. I […]

Retinal Detachment Symptoms – From Floaters to Eye Surgery

Floaters and curtains are symptoms of retinal detachment; the result can be eye surgery. Here’s how to recognize the signs of a detached retina before it’s too late. The quicker you recognize it, the faster you’ll be able to treat it — and it’s critical to get medical attention from a specialist at the earliest sign of a possible retinal detachment. […]

LASIK Vs PRK Laser Eye Surgery – What’s the Difference?

LASIK and PRK are two different (but similar) types of laser eye surgery. Here you’ll learn what the difference is, and why different surgeries are better for different people. If you’re thinking about getting laser eye surgery, it’s crucial to get two different opinions from two different clinics. I went to LASIK MD in Vancouver, BC for my first opinion, and […]

How to Heal From LASIK or PRK Eye Surgery

PRK or LASIK are safe forms of eye surgery, but recovery can be tricky. Here’s how to heal from the side effects of LASIK or PRK laser eye surgery. I had PRK laser eye surgery, and healed quickly and painlessly. The short-term discomfort of getting and recovering from laser eye surgery is worth the long-term gains! One of the most important […]