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How Soon Should You Adopt Another Cat

How Soon Should You Adopt Another Cat?

Deciding if you should you adopt a new cat or kitten after the death of your beloved animal isn’t easy. Some bereaved pet lovers feel guilty, sad, or confused about adopting a cat or buying a kitten from a pet store. Others are worried about opening their hearts to another experience of great love and loss.

forgiving yourself after dog dies

Forgiving Yourself for Not Protecting Your Dog

Dogs don’t carry grudges. Your dog will forgive you for anything! But how do you forgive yourself for not protecting your dog? These suggestions are from dozens of readers who commented on my article about dealing with guilt after causing their dog’s death.

Blossom Tips Dealing With Guilt After a Pet’s Death

Are You Struggling With Guilt and Grief After Your Pet’s Death?

You are not alone if you accidentally hurt your beloved furry friend or animal companion. Coping with guilt after your pet dies is more common than you think, even if you chose to put your furry friend down for health reasons. These tips on how to cope with guilty feelings after your pet dies will show you that you are not alone, and help you heal.