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How to Help an Alcoholic Sibling Who Doesn’t Want to Be Helped

Your sibling’s struggles with alcoholism leave you feeling lost, helpless, and afraid for the future of your family. These six ways to help an alcoholic brother or sister are inspired by a book called Sober Siblings, and they may give you insight into your sibling’s drinking problem. If you’re struggling to decide what behaviors to accept from an alcoholic sibling, read Sober Siblings: […]

How to Deal With Problems in Your Family

You love your family members, but sometimes they’re frustrating and aggravating! These six tips on how to deal with troubling family problems will help you get along with your siblings, parents, or other relatives. Learning how to handle toxic family problems is complicated because of the strong emotions we feel towards our relatives. “Family quarrels have a total bitterness unmatched by others,” […]

Are You Ready to Quit Drinking? 10 Benefits of Staying Sober

Let’s be honest: getting and staying sober isn’t easy. But if you focus on these ten benefits of quitting drinking alcohol and spirits, you’ll find it easier to control the urge to drink alcohol every day. At the end of this article I also included two excellent resources on how to stop drinking and start feeling better about yourself, your […]

The Favorite Child is Less Likely to Use Drugs and Alcohol

At book club recently, we discussed what it’s like to be the favorite child. I wish I’d seen this research then – it shows that parental favoritism is linked to drug and alcohol use (and if you’re using drugs and alcohol, you’re flirting with addiction). If your parents have a favorite child, they may be setting the other siblings up […]

Is There an Easy Way to Stop Drinking? 8 Ways to Drink Less

These tips on how to quit drinking will help you stay sober; they’re from people who struggle with alcoholism or problem drinking. The best way to battle this addiction is to learn how others quit drinking – and then find what works for you. I always feature a book at the top of my articles, so readers can get more information. One […]

How to Handle Relatives Who Get Drunk at Family Gatherings

Do your relatives drink too much and get intoxicated at family gatherings? These tips are long-term strategies for coping with addicted family members. They’re inspired by a reader who is fed up with her alcoholic relatives… “I have a few family members who are alcoholics but, none of them will admit it!” says J. on 6 Ways to Cope With […]