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7 Ways to Start Preparing for College Today

College prep isn’t just about choosing classes and paying tuition. These tips on how to prepare for college will help you go back to school with confidence, security, and ease. I included information about financial loans, textbooks, courses, clubs, living accommodations, and ways to stay healthy at college.

How to Know if You Should Drop Out of College

Is dropping out of college the right decision for you? Here’s how I decided if I should stay in my two year MSW (Master of Social Work) program. My decision-making strategy – and the end result – may help you know if you should drop out of college. I loved the first semester of my two year program…and barely made it […]

How to Choose a College Major

Choosing what to major in when you go to college can be confusing, even if you know what you want to be when you graduate. Here’s how to choose a college major, based on my experience getting three university degrees. Are you uncertain about choosing a career path? Read The Art of Work: A Proven Path to Discovering What You […]

How to Get Good Grades in Graduate School

These tips for getting good grades in grad school are from my experience as a MSW (Master of Social Work) student. I learned how to succeed without studying 24 hours a day. Getting good grades in grad school is easier than you think! One of my favorite blogs is Cal Newport’s Study Hacks – I quote him below and link […]

How to Find a Practicum Placement in Social Work – BSW and MSW Students

If you’re a BSW or MSW student, you may need a practicum placement to complete your social work degree. When I was an MSW (Master of Social Work) student at UBC (the University of British Columbia) in Vancouver, I was one of the last BSW and MSW students to find a practicum placement. I wrote this article four years ago, […]

How to Write a Self-Identity Paper for Social Work Class

Social work instructors assign cultural self-identity papers because self-reflection and self-knowledge is key to a good practice. Here, I share my self-identity paper for Social Work 505 at UBC (the University of British Columbia). Feel free to ask questions or make comments below – I welcome your thoughts! If you’re considering going back to school, read Should You Go to Grad […]